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Superhero design discussion thread


New Superman

Not really a fan of Red Robin’s look…


Have they redesigned Optimus Prime as well? :astonished:


That new mask piece on Batman Beyond is quite horrible… How do you screw up such a simple and beautiful design? =/

Oh wait…



Chinese Super Man is kind of cool. reminds me of something Millar would have designed for Red Son or something.


DC Shows Off New Rebirth Designs for Wally West, Donna Troy & More Titans


These have already been discussed in DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here but I figured we could still discuss them here:


I can’t.


They just seem wrong headed. I like Cully Hamner. He’s a great artist and has even done some great costume designs. These just seem like they went the wrong direction.

They took a couple great, clean, simple designs and cluttered them up with really odd straps and belts like it’s the mid-90’s.


Off the top of my head I can’t think of any New-52 designs that were improvements. So I’m dubious about the claim that he’s “done some great costume designs”.


He did some pre-New 52 that were good. Like the original design on the new Blue Beetle and Renee Montoya as the Question.


Some early Black Panther concept art for Civil War, going for a more ‘tribal’ look:


Prior to the Nu52, he designed some great characters. I’m biased toward the 90s though.

I will concede that although Gambit is one of the coolest characters, his original outfit was nothing special - if we’re talking tough guys in trenchcoats with unconventional headgear, Grifter’s got him beat.


Over on the Byrne Robotics forums, there’s a discussion going on about the Champions. Someone mentioned the red and yellow eyesore Angel wore early in that series’ run:


I like everything above Grifter’s neck is great design but below his neck not a fan


That just reminded me of this Fred Hembeck strip from Marvel Age:


I thought it was amusing when Roy Thomas changed Johnny’s FF uniform for one that looked like the Golden Age Torch, and provided an in-story explanation that Johnny really loved the GA Torch.

Well, I probably didn’t think it was amusing when I first read it. The amusement came later, when I realised that Roy Thomas was psychologically incapable of writing a comic without a Golden Age call back :smiley:


Found this searching for DC Rebirth designs:


What did the New 52 do to Huntress!?


It’s not an entirely fair comparison as they sort of split Helena B off into a different character within Grayson, as an agent of Spyral, I think, while “Huntress” was Earth 2 Helena Wayne. Quote the wiki:

[quote]In the premiere issue of Worlds’ Finest (of DC’s The New 52 reboot), it is revealed not only that the Huntress of the post-Flashpoint universe is Helena Wayne from Earth 2,
but that Helena Bertinelli has been long dead and that all the exploits
of Helena Bertinelli’s Huntress were committed by Helena Wayne acting
in her name.

In May 2014, writers Tim Seeley and Tom King of the DC series Grayson, revealed that the Prime Earth Helena Bertinelli will appear in the series as a spy and partner of Dick Grayson.[15]
Prime Earth’s Helena Bertinelli is revealed to be an agent of the organization Spyral, who is presumed
dead by the outside world. This incarnation of the character is a dark
skinned Italian woman to keep readers from confusing her with Helena
Wayne of Earth 2 according to Grayson series writer Tim Seeley.[/quote]

Which is all stupid, granted.


I read that three times and I still can’t get my head around it. Wasn’t Huntress always from Earth-Two anyway, pre New-52?