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Supercrooks sequel with Leinil Yu just announced...


The first book was called The Heist. This one is called The Bounty Hunter. And I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to see Leinil and my name in the same credits again!!!



Looking forward to it Chief. I really enjoyed the blend of Ocean’s Eleven and Superpowers that was the first story, glad to see the sequels are coming.


I am really looking forward to more Supercrooks. It was one of my favorite MW titles.


Leinil’s just been fiddling away his time with whatnot in the meanwhile. Time he got back to something with some heft to it again.

Make him work, Mark. Make him work real hard! :laughing:


Love me some Yu. Can we get a group cover from him as well? PLEASE!


I am looking forward to this as well. I had kind of lost interest in the Millarworld (Millarworldverse?) after Nemesis and Kick-Ass 2. They just seemed needlessly dark and depressing, and not in an interesting, Ennis-Punisher kind of way. But then Supercrooks came out and it was fun, interesting, and clever, all the things I’ve always liked about Millar books. All the books since have been back to form, in my opinion.


Time for me to finally buy the first series then? :smile:


The Jupiter’s Saga just gets bigger doesn’t it?

Can’t wait.


That felt like the zeitgeist of the 2000’s but I think Obama in 2008 as the beginning of turning a corner and it takes a while to get there. The economic collapse and end of the war made people want soemthing different. Right now the most popular characters at Marvel seem to be fun heroes, and Mark’s books are all family adventures. If you’ve skipped any of the recent books you should fix that right away.


I think that with Kick-Ass 2 it was trying a tad too hard to be the “belly of the beast” in Dave’s personal journey of the hero.

The first 3 issues and the ending were pretty fine.


Fair enough. Despite that amount of time I spend on these forums. I’ve never read Supercrooks…A fact for which I feel duly chastened. It came out at a time when I think that I was slightly more subject to those economic pressures that you allude to (i.e. entirely skint). And then I never caught up.

I ordered a copy of the trade. Last night. Not 35 minutes ago or anything like that.


Hopefully we get news of Nemesis Returns and Starlight 2 for 2017 as well!


I hope he eases up on the solid blacks and does a little more line work like he used to


Exciting news! Can’t wait. Leinil Yu rocks!


I think I’ve caught up with all the ones that have been published in trade. I actually enjoyed Jupiter’s Circle even more then Jupiter’s Legacy. Am I alone in that? I am looking forward to the trade for Huck especially. Don’t worry, I am firmly back on Team Millar!


Don’t worry, I’m alone in thinking that Chrononauts and Huck could have been inordinately better.

Circle is great, and SuperCrooks was just a delight and anyone I’ve told of the sequel has become excited.


It sounds like the first Supercrooks will be a fun read. I just have to wait for my copy to arrive.
I have missed reading books drawn by Leinil Yu.