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Supercrooks and American Jesus movies just announced!


Well, THIS was a nice surprise and part of the reason I was in LA last September :slight_smile:


Huge Millarworld movie news tonight!

Congratulations Chief. That seems to be good company to be in.


Congratulations Chief.

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Supercrooks in production elsewhere a while ago?


Wow! That’s very exciting news.
Does this mean Nacho isn’t involved with Supercrooks anymore?


Very cool, Chief. Will definitely go see those.




I can’t wait to see Supercrooks on the big screen!


So many congratulations! Not at all surprised, and I’m sure they’ll make great films.

Supercrooks in particular will be a lot of fun.


Wonderful news and a lovely surprise. Congratulations yet again, Chief!


I think now Mark might have more movies in production that either Marvel or DC. To me that’s an earthquake, the idea that one man is overtaking these billion dollar companies, using his own creations rather than depending on characters in pop culture for decades. It’s incredible.


And he’s secretly emoting:

Good news! Really happy for Leinil and Peter!


Let’s hope the power doesn’t go to his head :smile:


What does it feel like to be a bankable name in Hollywood?



Out last night till 2 and brutally hungover. I thought being a Hollywood player meant I didn’t get hangovers anymore!!!



As a Hollywood player, you’re suppose to chase the booze with mounds of cocaine to prevent hangover. :wink:


How hungover exactly?

Say, on a 1-10 scale where “1” is this:

And “10” is this:


Sweet baby Jesus!



Oh yeah, looking forward to American Jesus as well.


Congratulations Mark! Can’t wait to see them both on the big screen!