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Superbowl ads - Who did it best?


I think it’s hard to beat the Superman V Batman ones. The Superman one slightly smarter of the two.


The ads are the only thing of interest to me about the Superbowl, thanks for posting them, yeah the Superman one was the better of the 2.


I hear they kept interrupting the commercials to show some guys playing with a ball. :wink:


DC heroes are schilling for Turkish Airlines, the Marvel ones for Coke, we are truly in a golden age.

I’d rank thusly:

  1. X-Men Apocalypse
  2. Batman vs. Superman
  3. Civil War

This may or may not be confirmation bias based on my order of pre-existing interest.


The ads for batman v superman makes me want to go to Metropolis and Gotham for a vacation. Sadly, they don’t really exist. :disappointed: And I probably couldn’t afford the plane ticket.


Gotham’s a bit dodgy too. I’m pretty sure the Home Office would issue a travel warning.


Is it just me or did American Airlines miss the boat on being Superman’s sponsor? :wink:


The best adverts were by T Mobile, taking advantage of Drake and T Mobile. However for the comic ads I thought both the BvsS ads were really clever. I’d say they were much much better than what Marvel and Fox are doing. Apocalypse looks like it would appeal to X Men fans, but I’m not sure it’ll garner any new moviegoers to the franchise. Civil War is still selling us on ‘look how cool it is to have all the characters on one screen, fighting each other’.


I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Instead, I watched Puppy Bowl XII. I loved these for Subaru:


Here’s a few more;

And another superhero one;


Lex Luthor needing a stress ball to power though a corny commercial is the best detail


They’re both really just New York City. You can go there. :wink:

Sheena and I watched the Heinz one on Youtube last week. I thought it was hilarious.


Some more…

And this which is the best Avengers sequence since Avengers Assemble…


Always been my thought about the commercials. People complain about ads all year, but when the Superbowl rolls around advertising rules.

I can really see how foreigners don’t like our culture.


That’s not my Marvel!

Oh, wait…


Calling them foreigners may have something to do with it too! :smiley:


Well, at least Batman and Superman never…

Oh shit:


Damn. I wish I had a Hostess Fruit Pie right now.


If you go commit a crime, maybe a superhero will give you one to stop you. :wink:


Poor choice of words, I’ll admit. No reason to get worked up over it though.