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Super Secret cover artist....


Why is Bruce Gray kissing everyone?


because he is Scottish and they like kissing EVERYONE?

look, I just wrote what was in my head!


Thanks for telling me who it is @mattgarvey1981
I promise not to tell anyone or rub it in their faces😉


i see what you are doing there…pretending i told you to turn the others against me…thinking that i like and trust you more than any of them…very clever.
Wont work, but nice try!


I would never tun others against you

Sneaky use of edit button Garvey


no one ever could…or get me to check my spelling before i hit send


I am all about the sexy fun times.


told ya!


Am I interrupting? You can get back to kissy-kissy stuff in a minute.

I grabbed a book at random there now to read on my tea-break. Included is an essay on Will Eisner.

There’s no real reason to tell you all except I thought it was funny.

Oooh. It also includes an essay entitled – “Golems I Have Known, or, Why My Elder Son’s Middle Name is Napoleon.” I might read that first. Sounds intriguing.


Looking forward to seeing that Darwin Cooke cover, @mattgarvey1981.



oh don’t, thats still heartbreaking :cry:


Oh, damn, I forgot he passed last year! I just used his name because he was an Eisner winner and would fit your storytelling style well. Stupid me!


I was honestly thinking “wow, that’s a bit of a dark joke from Jerry”.


I think Bruce needs to step in and kiss everyone better.

I would except yous might get the wrong idea if I volunteer.


I know, fella…just gutted I’ll never get to work with that amazing chap…was a artist hero of mine :wink: