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Super Secret cover artist....


So, as some of you may know, i did a search for a new artist collaborator on here a few months ago for a new comic i’d written…
I found Wayne, who is killing it and the comic is REALLY coming along nicely and will hopefully be set for release next month…if i have the chance to colour and letter it…
Anyway, Wayne is not a fan of doing covers, which is cool, because i know some artists don’t like doing them and those of you that know me, know i love a challenge.
I am always trying to think two moves ahead and plan stuff to impress you lot and i wanted to see if i could pull off something special…so, as of Friday last week i have managed to lock down an Eisner Winning artist, who i am a HUGE fan of to do the cover for #1!
I am so SO excited!
I know i am being a complete cock tease, by not saying who it is…but i don’t like being premature (no not like that! get your mind out of the gutter!)

The fee is paid and terms have been agreed…so, as soon as i have the cover art back i’ll be showing you all!

i am BURSTING because i want to tell you all!
But it will be worth it…i swear.


The Millar has taught you well.


you mean i copy him like a mother flubber?! :wink:


Hey @mattgarvey1981

If you ever need cover artists again in the future gimme a shout.
These are the covers I drew for my comic, SUPER-DUD


Hi Jarred, thanks i’ll bear that in mind for the future.


Very cool, Matt. I’ll be curious to see who you snagged. It has to be a thrill to work with a creator whose work you’ve enjoyed so much.


I promise not to tell anyone else…I swear.


wouldn’t trust you as far as i could throw you! :wink:


LetitbeGeorgePerezletitbegeorgeperezletitbegeorgeperez :wink:

I am really excited to see who you’ve got for this…I’m going to end buying a bunch of copies again, aren’t I?


I think I might have an idea, and if so I think it’s one of my favourite artists (cover or otherwise) in the industry.


Who me? :angel:


What if I bribe you with bulldog puppy pics later?


that would actually work!


that would of be cool…maybe if i write a large group book, i’ll know him up about doing a cover!



The bribery shall commence after work. (Do you think they’ll notice if I put all the clocks forward?)

I thought I might have to bribe Simon or someone to tickle you with zucchini. But you’re too easy.


Don’t drag me into your vegetable based web of vice and depravity :angry:


Like, no-one’s sitting at work illegally looking at the list of Eisner winners mumbling, “He’d be great, she’d be great, he’s be great…” are they?


have a guess then…might give me an idea for the cover of #2 :wink:


I’m quite content for you not to reveal anything further to me tonight, Matt. :slight_smile:

The puppies are freely given:

And here’s one especially for Simon:


Colour me interested!!!


you should be, especially because the main character in this comic is named after you!

It starts…

“Hi, the name is Bruce…Bruce Gray and i’ll be your i’ll narrator…and yes, that is me running XXXXXX XXXXX X XXXX XXXXXXX…XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXX.”

“Why? i hear you ask…don’t worry, i’ll get to that…but first…”