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Sundry comics written by Nick Bryan


Allo. I’ve been hovering/lurking/occasionally posting on Millarworld for a long time (over a decade at this point, christ) so now I’ve finally got some actual short comics going, I thought I’d be fun to post them here.

It’s taken this long partly to get my confidence together and partly to hire some artists, but I’ve got a few trickling out, including one I did with an artist I found on this forum.

But this first one is with Chris Caesar, who I hired on PeoplePerHour, and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s a fairly simple story, but it’s also only three pages so hopefully at least gets the space/content ratio right.

General comics-by-me homepage here if anyone’s interested, including a (now quite old) one-page thing I did with an artist I met on the Bendis Board:

Yes, that’s how long I’ve been lurking around - the Bendis Board still existed. And I think my old Millarworld account has now been deleted.

An Interview...and some comic making advice...

This is great! I love the wacky look of the art that fits with the magic and comedy angle - I’m also a big fan of the phrase “Your magicalness”. What exactly is PeoplePerHour? And where else are you publishing your stories - I’d love to take a look at some of the other ones.


Thanks! People Per Hour is a general freelancing marketplace website thing - suspect it’s more commonly used for hiring programmers and designers but there are a few comic artists on there. It’s a place to look, anyway.

I’m posting stuff on this website I set up here although there’s only one other short strip up right now. Got some more nearly ready though. If you (or anyone!) knows of anywhere else worth posting or linking to these comics, I’d love to hear it. The goal for now is to get a bit of stuff out there, but I must admit just throwing it up on Twitter does feel a bit shouting-into-the-void-y.

Writer seeks artist for Christmas story - paid gig

In case anyone’s watching this thread and not the forum (you never know), I’m looking for an artist for a Christmas story. Full details in this thread here.


To try and get a few more comics out there on top of the ones I can afford to commission artists for, I’ve also been making them out of copyright-free stock photos. The first one, obviously, is about geese. These websites have a weird amount of goose pictures.

I’ll spare you from me pasting in the entire five-page story, but here’s the first one and you can see the rest here:


Hi, me again. Today, something slightly more resembling a full story-based comic. This is a 5-page scifi thing about a genetically engineered half-lizard soldier with art by Jelena Dordevic (aka @besnglist), who I found through this forum, and letters by Marco Della Verde.

it’s called Full Scale War and can be found on the usual Tumblr site here:

Here’s the first couple of pages. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out, I think there’s a nice tone of vaguely 2000AD-esque knowing silliness but without being a comedy.


The latest comic in my stock photo experiment is up, as I attempt to wring pathos from a few pictures of a statue, a trendy man, and, in an exciting new twist for the subgenre, an actual splash page.

The online version is here, if the below images are too small for comfort:


So, another one of these just went up, this time a festive tale of heartwarming Christmas capitalism with some lovely storybooky art by another Millarworlder, Robert Ahmad (aka @bedtime143), and letters by DC Hopkins.

I’ll drop the whole 4-page story in below, or it’s on my website here where it might be a bit bigger and easier to read:

Pretty happy with this one. If anyone particularly likes it, a share on social media or similar would be much appreciated as I would like to see if it can reach people while it’s still the Christmas season. Thanks!


Just put up a festive stock photo comic, a kind of semi-horror story about Santa. It’s kinda strange, but that’s what happens you try and string stories out of unrelated stock images. Quite pleased with it though - also my longest one yet at seven pages long, mostly cos I had a lot of sweeping icy landscapes that I wanted to give a decent amount of space to.

Anyway - the whole thing is here, one sample page below.


very fun to work with you on this Nick and thanks for giving me the opportunity to draw it


Another short comic - this time more of a crime/heist thing, with some fun bursts of actual violence! Six pages, nice crisp black and white art by Aleksandar Bozic Ske. Can read the full thing here:


Also posted elsewhere by Rafael, but I’ve now done a mostly-straight superhero story with @Rafael_Dantas and DC Hopkins which I thought came out pretty well - full thing below or online version here:

Probably bringing this run of short stories to an end soon but I think this is a fun addition to it.


Longest sundry Nick Bryan comic yet now available - I’ve managed a black and white 20-page one-shot called The Little Deaths of Watson Tower about a group of kids who get turned into tiny grim reapers and have to confront various forms of, well, death.

Art by Rosie Alexander, a new talent I met on Instagram, whose turned in some very expressive, luscious pages. And a cover which I just love.

There’s more info and buy links (In print or PDF) at this link here, but here’s the cover and the first couple of pages for glancing purposes. If anyone fancies a review copy for their website/podcast, drop me a reply/DM.