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Suicide Squad talkback thread (Spoilers Inside)


What’s happened to this year’s blockbusters? I’m really sad about this.

Joker, Will Smith and Margot Robbie?

I’ll be there on Friday regardless, but this is so sad to hear.


When are Suicide Squad review un-embargoed?


I’ll still probably see it, but my expectations are not high.


Ignore this. If anything, listen to the other pros. I did read the Hitfix review, and it sounds like Skwad is exactly what I was expecting; a rather good B movie making for me being entertained in the Summer heat!

Tune out, have a brew, and go enjoy it without expectations.


I’ll see it anyway.

Looks like it’s up to 36% now but still has no consensus within 25 reviews.


The embargo just broke so the number is going to fluctuate.

And I booked my ticket a month ago.


How do you screw this up??? C’mon Warners!! You had the people on your side!


Clearly it’s because Disney are paying off all of the reviewers again.



To be fair, I’ve been dreading The Joker in this movie from the start. And the actors have never been the problem with these DC movies.


If you will excuse me, I am going to hug my LEGO Deadshot figurine and go back to work.


At least it’s not Ice Age: Collision Course which now sits at 12%. :wink:


Metacritic currently has it at 48%, which isn’t that bad if all you want it to be is a bit of entertainment.

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw is a good critic, and he kind of almost enjoyed it.

It’s a clotted and delirious film, with flashes of preposterous, operatic silliness. But it doesn’t have much room to breathe; there are some dull bits, and Leto’s Joker suffers in comparison with the late Heath Ledger. I was just settling into what promised to be an enjoyable jail-life montage to the accompaniment of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – a track featured very heavily in the trailer – when the song was just yanked, not even a third of the way through, and we cut to something else. (Another trailer promised us a blast of the Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz, incidentally. Not forthcoming.) There were some funny touches, mainly from Harley, and from Ike Barinholtz’s corrupt prison guard Griggs. (Held at gunpoint by Deadshot, he announces that should he die, his colleague has his permission to shoot Deadshot and then quickly delete Griggs’s internet browser history.)

Suicide Squad promises madness, and a dense downpour of madness is what it delivers. I could have done with more fun and more lightness of touch.


At least it’s only two hours?


The owner at my LCS had been telling me that it wouldn’t get good reviews pretty much from the day the first trailer was released. He does seem to have more connections inside the business though, so maybe he had been hearing the buzz from insiders than we get in the public and social media.


I’m sure he’s a good critic but why would he expect a song in the trailer to be in the movie?


Poster quote.


I think that was just a bit of private disappointment?

I really found it more interesting that given how stuff like IGN tore into the movie, a mainstream critic seemed to enjoy it well enough, overall. (I think metacritic gave his review a sixty-something.


I found the cause - BvS “Theatrical Crap” syndrome



I think it will do gangbusters the opening weekend.

If the reviews AND word of mouth are leaning toward the negative, it could be BvS on the second week all over again.

Serious question: If SS doesn’t perform to expectations, what will WB/DC do then? (Other than shit their pants?)


Learn the wrong lessons, like they learned the wrong lessons from BvS toward Suicide Squad, and cut the Wonder Woman movie to shreds in editing.