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Suicide Squad review response poll


Please select the option that most applies to you. Thank you.

  • I’m still going to see it in the cinema.
  • I was going to see it in the cinema, now I’ll wait to watch it at home.
  • I always intended to watch it at home.
  • I have no interest in watching the movie after all the bad reviews.
  • I never had interest in watching the movie.

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Suicide Squad talkback thread (Spoilers Inside)

I was invited to go see it tonight but declined as I never was interested in seeing it.


I was always going to go see it. If anything dampened my interest, it was the Justice League footage from SDCC. I think it kind of stole Suicide Squad’s thunder right before its release. :wink:


I haven’t seen any of the reviews, wife wants to see it and we have childcare covered so off to see it tomorrow or Saturday.


You forgot to mention that you also hate fun and there might be some kids getting on your lawn while you’re gone. :wink:


I have wavered between being a bit interested and not at all interested in seeing the movie, as I like some of the characters. The aesthetic for the film seems a bit off-putting for me. It makes me think it is designed for someone twenty or thirty years younger than I am.

The Bad Girl Harley Quinn look (which I know is consistent with the current look in the comics) doesn’t endear the film to Mrs.Jones as something to see.

So I am not planning to see it.

Oh dear…I’m turning into @Todd, aren’t I? :scream:


I wasn’t that bothered about seeing it until I saw the trailers, which made me think it was quite a different (and more fun) film to the one I had expected based on the early promotion. But now that the reviews have suggested that those trailers were fairly misleading - and the movie is pretty much what I originally thought it was - I’ll probably skip it at the cinema and wait to see if there’s a ‘fixed’ cut on Blu-Ray as there was for BvS.


I’m still going to see it, but mainly because I’d already booked tickets and made plans when the torrent of bad reviews came in.


I complain about a lot of them but I will see pretty much every comics book movie in theaters until they stop making them.

It’s junk food, sure, but I’m halfway done this bag of Doritos and I probably won’t stop eating until they make me barf.


I booked a month ago to see it this Saturday.

As it happens, I got invited to go see it on Friday but I have other plans, so Saturday it is.


I’m mostly just giving Todd a hard time.

I’m not a big fan of this version of Harley either. It seems to be the one that a lot of fans (including female cosplayers) have latched onto though. So I’m trying to be a little more open minded about it.

Actually as I think about it, I’m not a huge fan of Harley anymore. I’m curious if this film will separate her from the Joker and make her a little more independant. She needs to be Nightwing not Robin. :wink:


I’m going to see it tomorrow morning. The mixed reviews are a bit of a bummer, but I’ll make up my own mind.


I wonder whether part of it comes from the Arkham video games too - what I’ve seen of Robbie’s Harley in the trailers definitely feels in keeping with the way they treated the character.


I assume it is. However that seems to be the sort of audience that WB are looking for for this movie…I don’t think I am really the target demographic (although I did really like Deadpool, so you never know).


I love movies and this one is no exception. I’m hyped for this movie. I still am from the moment it was announced until right now. I don’t normally pay attention to reviews all that much. Sometimes I agree with them and sometimes I don’t but I make it a point to see the movie before I jump on any bandwagon. One example was the new Ghostbusters movie. Everyone was talking trash about the movie. When I saw it, I really enjoyed it. :smile:


We’re all turning into Miqque.

Yeah, think about that for a second…


You’re pretty rude for a Canadian. :wink:


Still undecided if we’ll go to the cinema to see this but that’s less to do with the reviews and more to do with childcare. If we were child free we’d be seeing this in the cinema reviews be dammed.

Now I think about it have there actually been any reviews from “credible” reviewers or has the poor buzz been generated by fan boy websites?


I’m in that weird limbo where I’m not sure whether I’ve been insulted or complimented. It’s confusing :laughing:


Thus proving Jim’s point.