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Suddenly! You are a Hollywood Executive!


It’s morning.

You wake up somewhere unfamiliar … no, it’s not a drunken one night stand: you’re in a different body, different apartment you know is yours somehow, your socks are expensive designer socks.

You quickly discover you’re a powerful Hollywood Executive and you’re not sure how long this weird switcheroo (or whatever it is) will last.


You figure you’ve got enough time to Greenlight and insure ONE property to be produced for film or TV.



I want complete creative control…from casting to script approval.
Given that, I will greenlight a series of live action films based on THE THUNDERCATS franchise.

In order to pass the @Polo test for purity of concept, I will be retaining the gratuitous nudity in the first movie so as to stay true to the very first episode of the series. Clothing will follow as the movie progresses.

Yeah. Gimme.



Would you like some cocaine?


My initial thought was to do Columbo starring Mark Ruffalo with Christopher McQuarrie to direct from a script from an obscure Irish guy with a couple of plays to his name (something or other Jones…)

However what I would like to do is a mashup of two beloved franchises. Fast 5 gave us the Rock. Fast 7 brought in Jason Statham and Kurt Russell. I want to see Vin Diesel deal with someone he can’t bamboozle - Brendan Gleeson. I want to see Gleeson return to the signature role of Sgt. Gerry Boyle in Fast and Furious vs. The Guard .

If the idea of a big thick guard from the West of Ireland pulling a gun on Vin Diesel and saying “Well, I’ve done for you anyway Toretto…” doesn’t sound cool, you just don’t love movies as much as I do.


I’d finally bring the AVENGERS to the big screen, preferably the version Mark Millar introduced via “The Ultimates”. With Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson! How awesome would that be?!



I would bet hard on Mark Millar and give him his own production company. :wink:


Only if I can snort it off Cheetara’s ass.



Here! Have some cocaine!

(that’s enough cocaine for phroggi).


Doctor Who. I have a way to do it without affecting the TV show at all and still have a Hollywood actor playing The Doctor and be completely cannon.

Edit: And have regenerations for new Hollywood actors.


Does it involve quantum?


No, but it does involve ‘looms’.


A Cartmel Masterplan type of thing?


I want to acquire the Gambit property from Fox and lock it away to make sure it never sees the light of day. :wink:


Yes, in a way. Though, it would’t lay concrete in quite the same way. It leaves everything incredibly flexible in both the TV series and Movie series.

Edit: I really do honestly want to try pitching it at some stage. Could be a while away before I get that chance though.


do this movie and if it interferes with DC , i’d tell em to go F themselves




A lot of good choices here.

Honestly, I don’t really understand why this hasn’t been adapted to film (other than the sorta adaptation of the Musical CAMELOT) considering it pretty much set the standard for what today would be considered YA or Light novels. Perhaps the TH White estate was so disgusted by the Americanized Disney cartoon (THE SWORD IN THE STONE), they swore to never give up the rights again.

However, this book (series) is so awesomely good, I think I probably should’ve put it at the top of my favorite fictional properties list.

(Also, an EXCALIBUR remake would be nice)


I have people to do that for me.


Mmm, caramel marzipan.


An HBO/Netflix style adaptation set in the Culture universe of Iain M Banks. Not even necessarily a complete adaptation of one of the novels (save those for films) but more of an anthology series to begin with, done-in-one stories set in that context, with strands of ideas and characters recurring over time. It’s an amazing setting to tell all sorts of stories.