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Apparently he’s entered under a pseudonym to cheat the system. You might recognise his script though, it’s for a four-page Chrononauts story and it’s 1,326 pages long.


If your script was about the Chrononauts killing Hitler, Hit Girl killing a pedophile on her Dad’s birthday, Duke killing the Goblin King, Eggsy killing terrorists kidnapping the Royal family, Kick Ass beating up gang bangers or Jodie reenacting a scene from the bible you were’t the only person with that idea.

Doesn’t matter though as execution is key. And some of the killing Hitler scripts are really funny.


I’ve never been so simultaneously worried and reassured. Thanks, Jim… I think.


Mine was none of those! Huzzah!

(In mine, Duke kills Gang Banging Space Hitler after he’s kidnapped the royal family on Duke’s dad’s birthday. It’s all meant to be a thinly veiled allegory for Leviticus 11-7)


My concept for Hit-Girl wasn’t on her Dad’s birthday but similar concept. Hopefully my execution sets it apart.


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