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Street Fighter Fan-Comic


Hey all,

Here’s a short comic I did for funsies with artist Jon Snow (yes, he gets told that thing a heap).

We do have plans for a webcomic in the future, but thought we would share what we have here for any feedback.

Thanks guys!


Dig it! Love to see more sf characters. Really dig the art style.


Just for fun? This is rad! And what a fantastic artist. How did you guys determine the page size for this? It doesn’t look like traditional size.


Thanks mate. The artist is a fellow Aussie called Jonathan Snow (yes he hears that line a lot).

You can follow him on Instagram at or on twitter at

We have a webcomic due out this year, and hopefully something in the pipeline not long after that.


Thanks man. It was originally a single page script I wrote for the hell of it, and John asked to draw it (being a SF fan like me).

It isn’t traditional size, but rather an ‘Instagram Comic’. Something we were toying with, and me be revisiting in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!