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Stranger Things (Spoilers)


If you haven’t already checked out the new Netflix show called Stranger Things, consider this your notice. This will be your new favourite show. Winona Ryder aside, this show is brilliant (and she’s not actually that bad in this).

This show stirs up so much nostalgia in me. It feels like I’m watching a movie in a theatre in the early-to-mid 1980’s. I need this work day to end so I can get home to watch more.


I watched a couple of episodes, it’s not one I’ll binge on, like Daredevil and Jessica Jones were. To be honest I don’t know how long I’ll take to finish it.

It’s well made but the nostalgia is a bit much, it’s like a tribute act and there’s eight hours of it.

But anyone who likes 80’s movies and old TV shows should check it out. It’s made with care and attention to detail.


One of the most entertaining shows on TV right now. It definitely has the E.T, Poltergeist, and Goonies vibe, but still manages to do its own thing. The acting is great. Highly recommend this one!


It’s okay.
A decent enough watch

But the Stephen King homages take me out of it a bit.
Owes way more to him than 80’s kid flicks.


I enjoyed it a lot. It had problems, like how the bad guys never developed much personality, and the teenager love triangle thing was hard to care about, but none big enough to stop me watching.

I do think they’re going to have a problem in S2 with not repeating themselves. It may have been better as a one-off, but Netflix renews everything.


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I agree.
There’s a few interesting avenues to go, but the new threat is definitely gonna be a sticking point.


Well I’m just gonna copy/paste my thoughts on this from the other thread cause I’m lazy like that…


Other thread? I searched for “Stranger Things” before posting and nothing came up. I guess I didn’t search well enough. Whoops!


Nah, on the What are you watching thread =P


I agree. It even uses a similar font from his 80s novels for the title screen.

The complaints about its unoriginality are hard to argue, but the borrowed elements rarely ever bothered me because they were mostly so perfectly executed.


Yeah, I mean it felt like a Joe Hill novel.
A Joe Hill homaging his dad novel.

Sort of like if Locke and Key was his version of “It”, and NOS4A2 had elements of Cell and the strains of The Stand, then this would have been very much his “Dreamcatcher”.
I mean had he wrote it,

Eleven reminded me very much of Duddits.


My exposure to King back in the day was relatively low, but I noted the elements from Carrie, It and The Tommyknockers - the nods to Amblin were super well-done, especially the kids. Agree it had some flaws but I had no regrets binge-ing through this at the weekend - just the right balance of nostalgia and entertainment for me.


What a brilliant series. I loved it.

Sure it had Stephen King 80’s stamped all over it, but that was just on the surface. It was cleverly directed, the performances were just superb, the concept was original and it maintained a consistency throughout. It was far better than anything that would have come out of that time. It’s a triumph and the best thing Netflix have ever done. Which is high praise given some of their successes. I almost wish HBO had gotten it as it’d have much bigger exposure than it’s getting.

Every child actor was amazing. I expect them to go on to great things. My favorite was Dustin, but then how could he not be everyone’s favorite?

I’d recommend this show to everyone.


Appropriately, the kid who played Mike is going to be in the new It movie.


The work of this guy;




Watched the first ep of stranger things and I liked it a lot, looking forward to seeing more.

Watched it with Mrs S but she’s not quite feeling it, although she’s agreed to give ep2 a shot so fingers crossed I can get it on at the weekend and maybe she starts getting into it.

I really liked the actors/characters and found the whole thing just remarkably watchable.

Obviously the nostalgia factor played a huge part but this was more than a contrived retread.

Great to see Ryder back and on form, she was excellent and I hope she gets the chance to be at her best over the next 7 eps because I love her as an actress.


Alot of people are talking about how it’s stealing from here and there and that they have seen it before, but have they?

Have they actually seen something with all these elements that doesn’t put a foot wrong at any stage and is as close to perfect as you can get?

For me it was like going back to watch a show or film you loved as a kid and finding out it wasn’t just rose tinted glasses and, yes, it was epic and amazing.

I said on the other thread that I think the story will age with them as they grow up, like Harry Potter or GOT which will be great as personally, I think they are better child actors than in both of those.

I also thing the title and how the story was wrapped up implies that it will work as an anthology, story wise, with a new ‘strange thing’ each season.

Whatever the case, I trust the Duffer brothers.


Wow you guys are being very generous with the kids :smile:

I hated every single one of them little walking-fake-stereotyped munchkins (the 3 main boys & the bullies, the 4th one was less awful, but also less screentime), and didn’t find their acting great either, but of course, they’re actual kids… though to be fair, El was on a much higher skill range, and there are/have been a lot of really good child actors (GoT as one notable exemple), so that’s not really an excuse.

I also thought WR was waaaaay too over the top as well.