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Stoners web comic


Hi there,

Here’s the first part of Stoners, an ongoing webcomic I do that just finished it’s second arc. Let me know what you think.

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The art looks nice. Reminds me of Death Sentence. There are a couple of questions.
This world seem to get a lot of powered people. I count like two dozen. Why isn’t there anyone standing up for these peoples rights? It feels like Minority Report, where they’re arrested for crimes they might commit. Once a politicians kid becomes an unstable, all bets are off. Plus putting a bunch of people with unstable abilities in one place to congregate is not the greatest of ideas.
Why weed? Does THC take away their powers? Is the government trying to get rid of its stock pile (more then likely no cause of legalized weed). Does their powers reduce the effects of man made sedatives? Maybe it’s the government misguided ideas of what they think all teenagers want, to keep them docile. I’m sure you have some of this all figured out.
Other then that looks neat I’ll check it out



Sorry it took me so long to reply. Basically the idea was to target the stoner and comic reader demographic, because i thought there might well be some overlap between the two.

So, I wanted to do something a bit more light hearted then my usual very heavy and dour stuff - which is where this came from. Also it’s started as a semi parody of the X men, because I just thought there’d be TONS of weed at Xavier’s school, which I thought would be fun to address.

More recently it’s become a bit of a goofy window onto some political commentary (in the 2nd story arc), which is getting more overt on the new story I’m working on now.

Thanks SOOOOO much for taking a look and letting me know what you thought!