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Steve's occasional art dump


Thought I’d selfishly create a thread for myself to occasionally dump some of my stuff.


It just smells so much better than the landfill!


Sometimes it does, other times not!


This is an older one compared to Indy.


Wow! This is pretty amazing!


A quick sketch from Monday to get warmed up for work.


Very nice. Did you originally intend to do it in negative or did you play around with it afterwards?


Drawing in negative was intentional from the get-go. But the red “III” lines and then the blood came later to make it look more graphically interesting.


Cool. It’s a very striking image.


You would not believe how many Mondays I felt exactly like that!


Thanks! I really appreciate that!


Not really happy with it, but I’d rather move on to something else than fiddle with it indefinitely.


Ha ha… not happy with it. This is pretty spectacular. Of course, I am sure that you are seeing more than I am.


Can I ask what it is you aren’t happy with?



  • I didn’t feel I put enough time into Finn.
  • Should have gone over the whole thing with another pass of coloured pencils to more define the details and enhance contrast. That takes the most time, hence my laziness in passing on it.
  • I wanted to replace Rey’s speeder with the Falcon




A lot of moving parts on the one, and it still doesn’t quite look like the one in my head, but I’m happy with how Bowie turned out. Just all the other stuff could use some work later when I’ve had some time away from it.



Not so much of an art dump, per sey, but I made this video!


I did up a mock cover for page 10 of the Nexus Newspaper, which is available now!…

The Dude himself helped me with Nexus’ pose. I had originally drawn him
blasting with both hands so it was more of a “back” shot. Also, the
lettering, “All life…” is straight out of the paper and is by the