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Steve McNiven just back from Civil War set...


…and saying it’s looking fantastic.

He was really impressed with the Russos in particular. I really loved Cap 2 so can’t wait to see what they do with this. Not sure if he was allowed to take photos, but I want to see them if he can share.



Very cool. I loved Winter Soldier too and can’t wait to see what they do with Civil War.


Yeah, me too. Hope I get an invite to the premiere of this one. 15 bucks SAVED!!!



Steve is so lucky!!!


There’s a very nice new theatre nearby that does $5 on all regular and $8 on all 3D films all day Tuesday. I’m actually going to see Fantastic Four with a friend there tonight. So if they don’t invite you, come visit me and I can save you $10. :wink:


If you can nab a Cameo, than you’re sure to get an invite.

You could play play Nemesis in a background scene!


I’m pretty excited to see how this goes, Winter solder is probably my favorite of the Marvel films (I found both the cap movies work well back-to-back without Avengers between them) Evans play Cap really well. I recently re-read Civil War, so I’m pretty jacked up on the story. I’m 3/4 of the way through The Ultimates (Ultimate Collection) and it’s really making me wish the Avengers movie was closer to that. The Hulk was the highlight of the Avengers movie for me, we finally got to see a really cool Hulk on screen. I haven’t seen A2 yet but I’m hoping he gets more screen time in it. I have to say the Hulk in The Ultimates is freaking POPPINS! I smile at every panel and his dialogue kills me!