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Steve Ditko has died



Thank you for everything, Steve. You made a huge contribution to our culture and collective happiness.


Reiterating what I said in the Obituaries Thread:

Who knows how much different Spider-Man and Dr. Strange would have been if not for him?


Also a big thank-you for the Question.


To reiterate here:

Some reactions across the industry:

The “In Search of Steve Ditko” documentary:

Thanks for everything.


Between Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Ted Kord, the Question, Speedball, and Squirrel Girl, I don’t know if any creator is responsible for so many of my favorite characters.




Here’s to Steve Ditko…and here’s the Ballad of Mr. A.


Rest in peace. One of the founding fathers of Marvel Comics and the modern age we find ourselves in today. I wonder what he though of the way the entire world has embraced the Marvel characters in a way that couldn’t have been imagined just a few years ago. I hope he got a great deal of satisfaction from it.

Also, for those who may not know, when Bendis and Millar were to have their C2E2 panel back in April they came up with the great idea of hiring an actor to pretend to be Steve Ditko. No-one attending would be in on it and they thought it would be hilarious to do the whole panel as if they actually had Steve with with them.

Took a while to talk them out of it.


I always loved Ditko’s run on Amazing Spider-Man. Those were some great comics.

RIP Steve Ditko


Oh Jeez.

I have respect for all the other characters he created, but add them all up and Spider-Man alone is worth more.
Seriously, after DC’s big 3 the next name on anyone’s lips is Spider-Man.

Never thought he got the respect he deserves for creating an icon (and now I realize I’m being negative when I should not. Sorry.)

A true comics legend.


Rest in peace Steve. You were one of the greats.







This is a nice obituary.


W: Mark Millar A: Steve Ditko I: Mick Gray

R.I.P. Steve Ditko… back in the 90’s I had the HUGE honor of inking Steve on, what MIGHT be his LAST mainstream work. I got the five pages of Ditko pencils, written by Mark Millar, and was pretty unsure how to handle them, they were pretty rough. My pal, and mentor, Frank Cirocco, tighten up some hands and other things enough for it to be more clear to me, but at the same time being careful NOT to change the “Ditko look”! I finish it… but it got shoved in a flat file at DC Comics for about 10 years! It then FINALLY showed up as the last 5 pages of THE STEVE DITKO OMNIBUS Volume Two, in 2011! I feel sad about his passing but proud that I got to work, JUST a bit, with this MASTER of the art form! You can click thru the five pages below…


Wanted to post this one for O’Hara, particularly.


Iconic page. I think all that Ayn Rand stuff is hooey, but Mr. A is an unforgettable work.


And one for me. I just love Jack Ryder!