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Stephen Hillenburg creator of SpongeBob

So I was sent a link to Deadline regarding the Millar Netflix article. Then I saw a a headline there saying the creator of Sponge Bob had passed. Didn’t want to bring that up in the Millar Netflix thread, as it’s a bummer, and the news deserves it’s own conversation. So Sad. I love Sponge Bob, and so do my kids. I’ve even done a couple Sponge Bob drawings in the past.

I think I’ll colour that first one in memory of Stephen Hillenburger and his amazing creation.

RIP Mr. Hillenburg


And here’s a pic of my kid in a costume I made her a couple years ago. I wish you could see the socks, but it was raining.


Ha! That’s a great outfit.

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Just finished colouring this in memory of Mr. Hillenburg.