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Step Up! Step Up! Pick Your Superpowers!


Split from Top Ten Superheroes, here’s our big chance!



You get three! Not four, not six, three!

Basic superpowers only, no “farting diamonds” or whatnot.

Have fun!

'splain yo’self if you wish.

Me? Okay, Wolverine’s healing ability, Professor Xavier’s telepathy and super-strength.

I can’t fly, but airplanes welcome me. Not rich, until all of a sudden the bank account begins burgeoning. Hit something, okay, it’s gonna hurt, but it patches itself right up. Seems to be a handy little package.

What about yours?


Go go gadget dick!


Farting Diamomds.

Causing delusions through the internet.

Gambit powers


To be Awesome.

(Sorry, binge watching How I Met Your Mother at the moment …)


-X-Men Style Telekinesis (especially Rachel Summers during the 1980’s)

-Absolute mental control over my body at a molecular level (The Deviant leader Kro has this power, as do the Eternals of Earth, at least in the “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition”

-Invulnerability to Power Manipulation (No power stealing side plots for me. And, by making my powers psi/mental, they will come with me with the inevitable body-switching story-line comes along.)


The ability to make my body tangible at all times.

The ability to think things before I say them.

The proportionate strength, speed and agility of a man.



The ability to make clouds move really really slowly with my mind.

The ability to turn on a television remotely.

The ability to make everyone see grass as green or sometimes brown.


Ability to make Dupes.
Handy way to get things done.

Give life to inanimate objects.
My wars just got real.

Trying to decide between a forge like building ability.
Or the ability to heal people.
I don’t want anyone I know to hurt.


Just need one.
I’ll have whatever Dr Strange is having.


Purple Man powers.


Shapeshifting (into magical or mythological creatures: Dragons, gryphons, teleporter dogs, etc)

Psychic Defences (I don’t want anyone in my mind)

Absort and Redirect Energy (Sebastian Shaw style)





Does whatever a 'man can!
Look out - we’re all already 'man-man!

(Note - 'man is short for human)

I wouldn’t want flight in case it stopped working while I was in mid-air. I suppose I could use it to basically be the greatest athlete ever to have lived, a la Northstar. Essentially be the gold medal winner at all running events, swimming, diving, long jump, and high jump. Best ever player at defence in Soccer. Basketball. Skiing, bob-sled, luge, all of that stuff. Ok, I’ll take flight.

Second would be “Groundhog day at will” power. Restart the day at any point, retaining the knowledge of what did and will happen, until every day is pretty close to perfect (for me). There’d still be drama - for example, restarting a day where a natural disaster occurs somewhere on the planet - I’d still be powerless to stop it (flight notwithstanding), and even if I warned people, who’d believe me? I suppose in time my credibility would grow, what with the track record of tipping off news crews to upcoming shootings and car accidents and whatnot.

Preacher’s The Word would be another one. Far stronger than Purple Man - there’s no time limit, or weakening of the effect. And I’d be sensible with it; use the power mainly for good (with occasional selfish detours).


Ha. “Sensible” he says.
We all know that before you get to sensible there’s at least a month’s worth of work to be done on crossing off names on your shitlist.


There is one superpower everyone in Los Angeles wants: teleportation.


The ability to confidently self-promote without feeling awkward and immediately ashamed.


Tough call, but if I had to choose right this minute:

Replication (ala Madrox)
Shapeshifting (ala Mystique)

This way I can be anywhere and everywhere and no one has to know it’s me.


The power to be a “happening kind of guy”… :smile:


Bamf-ing, to be honest really only for the sound effect and puff of purplish smoke.

I like the idea of having the Word of God but does that really count as a super power?

I can’t decide between a Wolverine-esque healing factor or the ability to heal…

Maybe I need Rogue’s power absorption but without the nearly killing the other person bit. That is as long as @TMasters promised to stay the Gambit away from me!