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Hi Guys and Girls,

i am that vain that i do have a tendency to google myself time to time…especially when i am alone…i said google, not pleasure myself.

i just came across a site that is illegally and openly displaying the comics i have co-created.

I know i am incredibly naive, but i’ve never come across like this before with comics…i’ve heard about it with music and movies, but never comics.

The sad bit about this illegally putting my comics online, is that if the 2,000+ readers just asked, id have given it away free

Anyone else come across something like this?



The site has been around for like 2 year in some form.
It’s gotten taken down, but always comes back under a new domain.

Before that you’d have to download through rapidshare hubs.


There’s a ton of sites that aggregate comics scans, manga scanslations tend to be more common (or maybe just bigger because they tend to translate stuff that doesn’t come out in English or doesn’t come out here weekly), but there’s a group or two that between them scan pretty much every comic that comes out each week and puts them out there. They’re usually on the same sites that people download music and TV/movies from (rather than streaming)

What’s truly bizarre is that there’s a couple of sites that aggregate webcomics, primarily to get eyes on their site’s embedded ads.


There are plenty of sites do it or even you can download comics. You will find out a lot if you search. Usually those sites doesn’t exist more than some months but … Maybe you should see it from the bright side. 2299 readers means your comic had pulled some attention. Its a big number for illegal reading. I think you made an awesome job when you promoted your work and some of them search your work online. That’s the bright aspect of this . As for the dark aspect of all this … well don’t let me talk about.


SItes like these for comics were actually considered impossible a few years ago.
Because with manga and such, there’s less regulation for non-licensed/imported manga and they can have an easier time at it.

With comics, the trademarks and brands made it seem like a hoop dream for pirates.


Very kind of you to say, Buddy.
And i do see the bright side of that…if just threw me because it never entered into my mind that a comics was something that a person would “steal”…especially because, digitally my comics are on 99 cents…(but, i usually give away for free anyway)
Just found it strange! :joy:


you think thats crazy read these

Jim Zubkavich responds to Skullkickers scanlator

Jim Zub Begins Serializing Skullkickers On the Net

Money for Nothing: A Look at the Popularity and Questionable Legality of Free Comic Sites


i don’ wanna, because i hate you


thats fair


I knew these places existed and have used them on occasion (in my younger more rebellious years) when I found it hard/impossible to find an issue of something I had missed.

What happens next really depends on you and your view to having your work stolen.


What can i do?
Who can i report it too?


I’m sure it can be reported to the correct authorities. edit I’m not sure who they would be in this case as I seem to think it has something to do with the location the domain is registered to… edit Whether it goes any further is then on their shoulders. Unless you want to get a solicitor involved of course.


and they would be? :grimacing:
I wouldn’t know who to report it to?
The police?
If so is there a special department that would deal with something like this?


This might be useful, I say might as I have only skim read a bit.


you are a star! :wink:


I’m just busy procrastinating and this seemed a good use of my powers!


write a four page comic and enter my competition if you are procrastinating!
I know you have at least one story in you! :wink:


Don’t give me other outlets! I really need to be preparing for my parent consultations tomorrow!


yeah, Right…all you are gonna say to the parents are…"he is easily distracted and needs to focus more"
Even to the parents with girls…


I’ve taken down the references to the site in question - we avoid that kind of exposure here.

Matt I don’t think there’s anything you can do. It appears to be just one of those things considering how many publishers are impacted and their inability to stop these sites. It’s a product of the current age, modern day bootlegging which to be honest has always been around in various forms.