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Starlin. Dreadstar. Cool.

#1 Does anyone else remember this series? Or am I just really old?


I remember seeing it on the stands but I never read the series.


I got the first … three? Hooded guy in future setting a la Star Wars Mos Eisley type area. First three issues rather setting the scene and introducing the characters and plot. Fine Starlin art, of course! I seem to remember the paper, still being more rough and pulpy, muddling the colors somewhat. If it’s cheap on Comixology or in a trade - where it’s been “re-colored” with new techniques - it should look sharp.

I don’t think it continued long or told its whole story. Now it’s a what-might-have-been short run of more historical interest than a new Starlin story. Worth a read, though!


Yeah, I bought a couple of issues, on the strength of Starlin’s name and his work on Adam Warlock.

If I remember, it featured a bunch of rebels fighting (once again) some kind of space Catholic church?
I remember this excellent scene where Syzygy Darklock, a kind of high tech wizard, explains how he’s actually dead, but held together by his beliefs, and doesn’t want to talk about it too much in case he stops believing he’s alive.


I remember seeing it when it came out and it’s something I’ve always wanted to check out. That and Alien Legion.


My brother had some of the “Dreadstar and Company” issues from Marvel/Epic (as opposed the direct sales Epic versions). I have since permanently borrowed them. I liked them a lot, although they were pretty hardcore compared the the other comics I was reading at the time.


Remember it, read it, still got it, still love it.

Starlin is probably my single favourite comics creator.


Ok, just read the whole article and realised that he’s going to be writing and drawing a new series. I’ll definitely be buying it.


I still have my direct sales Epic issues as well as some issues of Epic magazine where the Metamorphosis Odyssey stories were originally printed before being combined in the Marvel graphic novel series in the mid-late 80’s.

Dreadstar is one of the best things that Starlin ever did. The art is wonderful, especially the hand drawn paintings in the Metamorphosis Odyssey storyline. Beautiful stuff. His writing and characters rarely change, a little on the expository side and a real 70’s feel in regards to the former. But if you like Starlin, this was him in his prime, with a swashbuckling hero and his rag tag team of magician, beautiful but dangerous women, Oedi (humanized cat) and others fighting off the evil Church of Instrumentality.

In the 80’s, this and Nexus (imho) were two of the best series ever - pre-Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns. I prefer it to his Warlock/Thanos stories, but there are a lot of similarities between the two. If you dig space epics, you should give it a try. Most, if not all, of it is available in trades or hardcover editions.


Not only all that, but I think I found copies in the quarter bin!


I remember seeing his art for the first time on Iron Man, and thinking this guy sucks! But something about the story and the energy of the art kept me coming back.
When he restarted Captain Marvell, I was in for the ride. I don’t know if his work really improved by leaps and bounds or he was given enough time to work, or maybe just a better inker.


He will always be the definitive artist for Captain Marvel. I love the 70s blow dry and sideburns look.


He really expanded cosmic Marvel. Warlock was my favorite book during his run.