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Starlight - The Fan-Casting

I love the Jupiter’s legacy casting thread so much I’ve started this one.

Duke, Tilda, Wes, Space-Boy, The Kingfisher, Pindar & more.

You name em!


Duke McQueen, Michael Keaton,


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If I my suggestions actually get hired do I get paid?

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BWAhahahahahahahahaha! :smiley:

:credit_card: :money_with_wings: :dizzy_face:

Keaton would be great, of course, but it seems more like a job for Bruce Willis.

Michael Keaton = good
Kurt Russell = Awesome
Harrison Ford = Awesomest

Russell is working on his supportinag actor skills, he was great fun in the last ‘Fast and Furious’ movie.

Are we confident that Ford could do this movie without breaking a bone or two?

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Micheal Rooker as Duke.
He can do it. Sure he’s not your regular type that has been already listed - but he can do it.
In fact, I can’t think of anyone who could be better. The emotional moments, the badass moments, the wistful moments. I can see it.

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Fair point. Kurt Russell it is then.

Rooker is brilliant, but he’s only gonna do the $4m version.

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Oh so true. I don’t know, I just feel like Rooker is the kind of man who feels both like a grandfather…but also dangerous. Comforting, but with an undercurrent.

Anyway - moving along: Morris Chestnut as the Kingfisher.

Kurt Russell - busy being Sheldon / The Utopian

Harrison Ford - Han Solo redux.

Bruce Willis - no. Needed elsewhere.

Michael Keaton - perfect.

Also would like to see Sarah Michelle Gellar as Tilda; as she is really such a tiny wee lady that being eight feet tall for a while would definitely be therapeutic!

Brian Cranston as the Kingfisher - Whether his voice is used with a body double (that helmet has to be heavy!) a la Darth Vader or Cranston just exercises his neck muscles, we can save his face for another character. (Such as the fellow on the island at the end of Nemesis.)

What do I really want? @Mark_Millar - sorry for blurring but what would be fun is to get Letterman and Ferguson and other ex-talk show hosts - Arsenio maybe - to be the shadowy panel of super-villain uber-bosses. Turns out ‘talk’ or ‘chat’ shows are but a brainwashing device from a certain pool of Illuminati-ish plotters! How else the Conan O’Brien situation?

Starlight Fan Cast courtesy of THE MANDARIN.
Struggled with casting Starlight but I think that this cast is affordable and hits each character nail on the head.

DUKE - Tom Selleck (The man who would’ve been Indiana Jones)…Would be nice to have a CG De-aged opening sequence with a younger Selleck.

TYPHON- Alan Rickman…Opening sequence featuring a de-aged Tom Selleck facing off against a de-aged Alan Rickman?

TILDA- Rosario Dawson


WES- Andy Serkis

THE KINGFISHER- Djimon Hounsou

PINDAR- Crispin Glover


LARRY McQUEEN- Vincent Kartheiser


ATTALLA- Lynn Collins


Jamie Foxx as Kingfisher
David Mazouz as Krish
TILDA- Rosario Dawson

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I would like to endorse the casting of Rosario Dawson at every opportunity.


Liam Neeson? Kevin Costner? Russel Crowe?


Denzel Washington?

I suck at casting threads because I don’t know the names of any of the hot young actors :smile:

But when the star has to be of a certain age, now we’re talking.

Bruce Willis is a no-brainer: he’s still a bankable action star and he can do the world-weary older guy to perfection.

But the suggestion of Michael Rooker, upthread, is inspired. I throw my vote his way.

I was a huge Bruce Willis fan. Die Hard is one of ten favourite films and he is great in it. I always figured he had a hit rate of one good movie in every three he made. Today the ratio is a little bit different.

He just seems so lazy now in the last couple of things I saw him in, like he’s not even trying to act. He needs a director who is going to push him in interesting directions in order to be good- like Terry Gilliam in 12 Monkeys or Wes Anderson in Moonrise Kingdom.

I wholeheartedly support @BeingHenning with his suggestion of Denzel. Denzel is great.

I am starting to warm Miqque’s suggestion of Michael Keaton. He isn’t the most obvious choice to play a space hero, but the character doesn’t start the story as a space hero. He starts the film as maybe a former spacehero or maybe a crank, but mainly a normal older guy who’s best years are behind him. I think you need someone who can come across as a normal bloke here, so yeah, Denzel or Michael Keaton…or Kurt Russell.

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That is brilliant casting. However, I like Tom Selleck but find him distracting in films/TV because he looks so much like my dad. Maybe this is a role I could see my dad in. So maybe it would work. :wink:

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Think Selleck. Think Willis. Think Russell. Then watch this.

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