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Starlight sequel is official!


Oh hells yes!


No matter what happens today (in a reasonable extent) at least this happened.
My god - this is awesome.

Great title too. I need more good Flash Gordon homages in my reading catalog.


Will it include a scene of Duke taking his grandson to a comic signing and reluctantly taking a picture with a comic writer?


I still haven’t opened the trade I picked up at GCC (saving the best for last?), good to know I’ll have a sequel to look forward to!


Thanks, Chief. Thanks, Goran!

What a lovely bit of news first thing in my morning!


Excellent stuff. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


You better not mess this up!

Seriously, the first Starlight was gold and platinum quality story-telling, easily one of your best works.


Read the trade last night, I was going to save chapter 6 for today but at 1am it was calling me! This was an amazing read and I’m SO glad the sequel is being written! It felt like Mr Incredible/Flash Gordon/Grand Torino. When he intervenes with the Police mugging I actually yelled “YES!”, Duke just makes me smile at every panel he appears in. :sunglasses::thumbsup: Mr. Parlov’s artwork is perfect for the story, really brings out the vintage element, as always you know how to pick’em Mark! I was thinking about putting together Duke’s costume, but I’m going to introduce the story to one of my older brothers. At 6’ 8" and 270 lbs I think he could pull it off better than me, and I know he’s going to love the book!
Any word on who will be Duke in the film?