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Starlight / Nemesis movie news


Anyone have news on Starlight? Or any other Millarworld Movie releases? I really want the Nemesis movie and a Nemesis comic sequel! So much potential for a complete universe there. And could tie into kick ass really well as a starting point for heroes and villains


Starlight has a screenplay by Rogue One’s Gary Whitta and we’re talking to a director at the moment. A decision will be made over Christmas. Nemesis at a slightly earlier stage, a bigger deal for Steve and I set up than before for a bigger budget movie now at WB, but the new screenplay is just being written. I heard this guy’s pitch around six weeks back and it’s fantastic. He’s a hot writer at WB.I don’t think he’s been officially announced yet.



AWESOME!!! I LOVE Starlight! It’s one of favorite Millarworld titles!! And MORE Nemesis!!! Aweeeee thank you sir! You are even more awesome than i thought for responding to your fans!!


Did I miss any updates on anything past golden circle on movie news?


Will these movies continue production at Warner Bros ect? Or are they all moving to Netflix studios? Is there a schedule or first collaboration we can expect? I’d like to see Empress or Starlight get a huge budget series on Netflix. I hope the more Super Hero stuff like Nemesis is able to stay closer to the source material now. A true to the book Wanted would be the greatest Series ever.