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Starlight Fan Art


After re-reading the starlight run I felt the need to do a fan art piece. It’s a hell of a run and was a nice reminder that comic books can be light and fun. Plus it reminded me of the dodgy sci fi from when I was a kid, so that was nice.

Pencil and ink on Bristol board, and below is my pitiful attempt at color.


Great stuff. It’s like a movie poster :smile:


That looks great. especially in colour.



Thanks guys.


Here’s a rough Moleskine sketch I did yesterday, I scanned it and started inking it digitally, I’ll post up when it’s finished.

That’s a great piece KierGill, looks awesome finished :clap:t3:


absolutely love this! hope you are gonna post some more


Me or Kier?


Both :smile:


I posted a quick Chrononauts sketch and a finished MPH piece a while ago, I don’t know how to link them here.


yeah both , but I specifically meant you Sonofken in this instance :slight_smile:


This Time Bandits and this MPH Roscoe Rodriguez fan art ? Seen them, enjoyed them, waiting for more :smile:


That’s them, thanks David :+1:t3:


I love it, has a bit of Manga flair!


Thank you Blake, much appreciated :slight_smile: been working on it some more tonight, I’ll post the progress now.


Starlight really inspires some cool fan art.


Some highlights left and a bit of touching up, then I think this is done.


for some reason Millarforums won’t allow me to upload any images , although it did before
so here’s a link to Facebook for now

Another “cover” inpired by a Flash Gordon Poster



@Fran - When we went to the new board, everything reset. You are currently a “new user”. Once you reach “basic user” status, you can post pictures. It doesn’t take much. See the link below.


Very well Dungeon Master, submit to this , i will :stuck_out_tongue:


Another “cover” I did inpired by a Flash Gordon Poster