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Starlight-Did we see Typhon in the series?


I’m just curious if we saw the old tyrant in any flashbacks. I’m working on a submission for the annual and need to know this.


I’d recommend rereading it to be sure (if only because it’s a great story). :wink:


Yep. In a flashback in the first issue.


Oh great. Walter bred true.


I thought that was him. I just couldn’t be sure. I thought he looked like the statue that’s being taken down, but it was pretty far off to be certain. Thanks.


Looking back through the story he isn’t called Typhon by name during that fight sequence but I think it’s a fair assumption (especially given the statue you mention).


That’s because they changed the art.
The statue resembled more the original design. You can find it in the pre-change cover with Duke as a blonde.


I also have a question about continuity in the Starlight world. After reading it several times, I’m still unsure if Duke and Joanne are married before he first goes to Tantalus or if they get married after he returns. And if they have their sons before or after as well. Could anyone clarify this? Thanks.