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Starlight art


Had the day off of work yesterday, and so after finally reading some starlight books I bought I thought I’d have some fun with a bottle of wine and an ink pen. Any constructive criticism is certainly welcome!


Most creative criticism I can give you, Josh is - post more!

I think you’ve got the look and feel just right, via your own style!

Please keep bottles of wine and ink pens stocked! :smile: :tropical_drink:


Very nice! Got a great Corben meets Weston vibe, especially in the inks.



I love that the hover scooter thingy has a cup holder :smile:


Really sweet! Post some more if you have some, if not…keep drawing! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Haha, the cup holder was the cherry on top for me too.


Great stuff! I’m diggin the action :slight_smile: