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Star Wars Thread


The sense I got from the Prequels is that there was a relationship between the Jedi and the governing body of the Galactic Republic; I mean the Jedi Temple is not only located on the same planet as the Galactic Capitol, but the Temple is right next to the Senate building.

The Jedi don’t participate in the politics of the Republic, but they seem to serve them in things like conflict resolution, security, and intelligence gathering. And when the Clone War started, the Jedi served as military leadership. Though that might be something new, since, as we saw the Republic didn’t have much of a military and needed a newly created clone army to fight its battles.

It’s a bit of an odd relationship; the Jedi are, ostensibly, some kind of monastic order, but they appear to be subservient to the political body of the Republic, and serve in an enforcement capacity. A bit, I suppose, like the Nights Watch from Game of Thrones.


So are we taking the prequels seriously now instead of just ripping them to shreds?

I’m not sure I can cope with that…


I always did.


When the newest Star Wars film makes the story of the prequel trilogy a major plot point, I think you have to think about it, at least.


Talking of which, when did Luke learn about what happened in the prequels? Post-RotJ presumably, but it’s left a bit vague as to how and when.

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Yep. The idea seems to be that the Republic support the Jedi and the Jedi take on missions for the Republic at the request of the Senate, with the understanding that a request will not be refused.

The Clone Army command looks to be based on the idea of having commanders with mystical foresight and other abilities - who wouldn’t go for that in a military force?

Things change, catch up. :wink:


I’ll be honest, both the prequels and the new films are fading fast from my memory.

I still hope that the next film and the TV shows will be great, but I’m not as emotionally invested in the whole thing as I used to be.


Yeah, I really have no idea what Dave and Ben are all talking about there. I have a vague memory about being annoyed with how stupid the Jedi seemed to be in falling for every one of Palpatine’s little tricks, and overall daft… and that’s pretty much it where the role and the characters of the Jedi are concerned. Truth is, they never came to life for me in any way in the prequels. Well, maybe in the first 20 minutes of Phantom Menace, before it all turned to shit.

I doubt the next film will do a lot for me, so now I’m just hoping that they manage to make some really great TV shows.

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Ben’s read a lot of the novels and I haven’t, so it’s possible that the whole thing has more nuance in those?

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It depends on how you want to engage with the material. Do you opt for the out of universe perspective of the all-knowing, omniscient viewer, with full knowledge of the fates and future of the characters? Or do you go for the in-universe view where the characters have far more limited information with which to guide their actions?

It could also be said of the PT that if, at times, you’re watching and you’re not going: No, no, no, don’t do that you fucking idiot, then it’s not working. It’s been said Lucas was going for a Greek tragedy vibe on the PT, I don’t think he always realised that but it’s clear what he was going for.

The PT had a strange real-life trajectory too - 1999 TPM, 2002 AOTC - no one would opt to fight a war on a dubious foundation, right? Er, jump forward a year later… Then ROTS 2005, where the aftermath of 2003’s global politics was starting to bite. SW stories produced in that era did seek to reflect the real world, as all stories tend to, but the best one were where the reflection was subtle. Weaving in talk of ‘triad of evil’ in a 2003/4 book was a rare clunker from Luceno, who tended to be more subtle.


But that’s the thing though - the Jedi were supposed to be a lot cleverer than the people being deceived by Bush and his cronies. But throughout the prequels, the Jedi never seemed to make a lot of smart choices.


This is one area where the films didn’t do a good job of showing how tunnel-visioned, thus vulnerable, the Jedi had become. It was first introduced in AOTC, but the idea of Sidious clouding the Jedi’s access to the Force, would have been active across the entirety of the PT films. Why does it matter? Because the Jedi relied on the Force entirely, they trusted it for knowledge and guidance to the exclusion of all else. Screw that up and you’re well on your way to wrecking the Jedi.

If you’re a superhero comics fan, this becomes a much harder sell as what’s the first thing young superheroes are taught by their mentors? Don’t rely on your powers. The idea that the Jedi would not have cultivated practical reasoning for navigating political and moral minefields seems nuts. Yet, outside of superhero comics, was Harry Potter ever taught this? No. There magic is a given, unchanging and constant thus too for the Jedi and the Force.

On the PT generally, one thing overlooked in changing the perception of them is the six, soon to be seven, series of The Clone Wars animation. This greatly expanded the Clone Wars, giving a far better sense of it being a truly galactic conflict. It also gave some worthy points to the Separatist outlook in a way the PT films never did. Finally, it actually had an Anakin far more heroic than how the PT cast him, which in turn amps up the tragedy of his fall.


The title for IX might have leaked/been hacked…

Balance of the Force

…it’s actually the title I would have gone for.

Maybe J. J. has been reading my mind.

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That has been rumoured for every new Star Wars movie in the last 20 years I think. :slight_smile:


Someone was poking around on the official SW site and found that phrase in the javascript. There’s a graphic showing that title with a purple Star Wars logo; not sure if it’s authentic or a mock-up the OP tossed together.

The alleged title could also be a reference to something else, like “Forces of Destiny” was a few years ago.

Lots of sites are running with this story, though. :confused:

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It definitely sounds plausible then. And I agree, it would be a pretty decent title.


The title sounds like a slogan for either a breakfast cereal or a line of power tools.

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