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Star Wars Thread


In addition to Krennic…

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Hera and the Ghost Crew
Dr. Aphra
Black Krrsantan
Boba Fett
Jabba the Hutt
Bail Organa

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This I approve!

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Ah, that’s confirmed - now it’s far more interesting to me.


I’m not in until we get some news about whether some Jango clones are in it.


An interesting thing here, but If The Mandalorian is taking place post-ROTJ, Pascal would be roughly the same age Boba Fett would be. Maybe they’re doing something out of left field, and Fett survived the Sarlaac Pit and became a sort of “Man With No Name”/Yojimbo type of figure. I could see something like that implied but never outright confirmed.


You know, I’d like it if he was the kid of some random Trooper like what we see in The Clone Wars cartoon.
That way it can feed into the title a bit more. Like he’s a Mandalorian, but not quite exactly. Sorta a man with no place.


Honestly I think Disney would be dumb if they didn’t use Boba in a show like this. Yes it’s hackey but it’s time for Disney to give fans what they want.


Making it about Boba Fett is pretty much on the same level as making a show about Cassian Andor, so…I can see them doing it.


Except people know who Boba Fett is, whereas who the fuck is Cassian Andor?


He’s that guy from the film that made a billion dollars.

Not that he made it make a billion, the interest in Star Wars and the concept made the money, but he was created to deliver that concept, along with everyone else in the film.

Boba Fett is a cool concept, that’s why he took off in the fandom, even if most regular people are only vaguely aware of him, and even that probably as that thing the real geeks talk about sometimes.

‘The Mandalorian’ seems to be a western in the Star Wars universe, and that’s cool.

Andor’s show will probably be a spy/war story in the Star Wars universe, that’s also cool.

They do need a Jedi show at some point though.


Just a day or so after the news that Pedro Pascal is locking down a deal to star in Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian (even though it has already started shooting), there’a a second piece of casting info. Gina Carano will join him in the series.

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Do they? Pre-TFA, I would have said absolutely but now? I fear TLJ torched that earth a bit too thoroughly. The Jedi arc in SW now is basically Beckett:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Maybe, along with the vast amount of other stuff it has to do, Ep IX will solve this too but I remain sceptical. I’m not saying it can’t be done, just that it’s been made a much harder sell.

In the interim, I’ll likely give both of the TV series a DVD buy and, like most of SW’ other era output, they’ll probably be a lot of fun.


That’s fan talk, I think civilians see things differently.

My fear with all of these is Disney/Lucasfilm getting the tone right. The concepts are all good (so far) but they need the right show runners. Favreau is a creative guy and has written the first few scripts for ‘The Mandalorian’, but will he run the show, or there someone who will take on that day to day job?

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I still haven’t seem TLJ…


Which is why you still have hope!



It’s probably time to whack an entire generation once more, with a series of Luke’s Jedi Order that ends with them all being killed by Kylo and co, in a shocking Blake’s 7 style ending.

Of course, no one knew B7’s ending was coming, on this one everyone would. Does it matter? If you go by the example of Rogue One, not always.

One other thing they’ve been skirting around, in multiple media, but without ever coming right out with it, is the Unknown Regions. If they stick with it, there’s a potentially great story there of how Snoke and Luke crossed swords, but it in turn depends on how that skeleton gets developed, which probably points to Ep IX.

If it doesn’t show up there? It’ll be odd, as they’ve really put a lot of work into it - and it all works - it ought to show up somewhere.

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I think it was a huge mistake to kill off the Jedi in TLJ, but there is very little doubt that this will lead in some way to NuJedi. Build a better Jedi order, without all the crap that led to their downfall etc. etc. Rey will be the one founding that new Jedi order, but once that thought is established (next movie?), you can have a TV show with new faces.

A fledging, struggling new Jedi movement, struggling to find acolytes and to find their own ways to the use of the force, while fighting the forces of the Empire… It would make for a pretty good show, I think.


I think people want lightsaber fights. Good ones though. They wouldn’t be able to half-ass the combat the way the first season of ‘Iron Fist’ tried to.

As for when the show should be set? The Jedi were around for thousands of years. My guess is that Disney would want to stay close to the familiar elements and not back to the formation of the Republic, but…

I’d watch a show about the Jedi of the ancient past fighting the Sith.


Yeah, the advantage of a Jedi show would be they could set it at practically any time. It’d potentially be more fun to do one set during an unexplored older age than during the Old Republic.