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Star Wars Thread


I’ve seen Rogue One twice and I don’t really remember anything about him.

But a spy thriller set during the early days of the Rebellion isn’t a bad idea.


Yeah, I like the sound of this.

There’s more material to mine for that character than people’d think. Like that Cassian was a separatist who became a rebel assassin.

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Yeah, his character is a big part of what I liked about Rogue One, so I’m onboard.

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I mean, no fault on them - no character was on screen.

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This is blink-and-you-miss-it stuff that a TV series can do far more with, namely the line:

I’ve been fighting this war since I was 6 years old

Start unpacking that and you get back to the Clone Wars, but the only Republic fighters were clones and Jedi so that puts Cassian on the side of the Separatists.


A spin-off show from the worst new film for one of the least compelling characters in there won’t really do it for me.
Are Disney afraid of lightsabers or something? If they aren’t going to bother with a Kenobi movie, I suppose it would be a fine show. Or do like a Quinlan Vos thing. Lone jedi, scum and villainy, his faith in the force is tested.
Something like that is probably what it would take for me to be interested in this streaming service.


I didn’t realise they were making a Qi’ra series too.




I liked the character, and the actor, and there’s definite potential there. But… this is one of the times where it’s kind of a problem for me that I know how things turn out for him. I mean, there’s a limit to the stories you can tell about him when you know that it’s only in his last days that he becomes an idealist and sacrifices himself for the rebellion. It’s like, if this part of the story is already told, there’ll be something important missing from that series.


On the other hand, I couldn’t care less that I know his fate. As I’ve said before, I know how most historical film will end too. Even if my education has failed me on the details, I’m pretty clear which kings and queens lived or died and which battles were won or lost.

I think his story is one of man who wants to be an idealist, but feels he has to be a pragmatist. He does what he does for a higher purpose, but every time he crosses a moral line he KNOWS it’s a line, and it eats away at his soul.

It’s not like he’ll have to kill an informer or betray a friend every episode. Sometimes his missions will go better, sometimes he’ll be able to sleep at night.

And then something will go bad the next time.

It’s the journey not the destination, and the journey wont be a straight line.

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Which is why historical movies work a bit differently though. When I watch a movie about Abraham Lincoln I primarily do so because I want to find out what kind of man he was, what turned him into the person he became and so on. There is a historical interest to start with.

I don’t have that with Cassian. He was a cool character, but the defeat of the Death Star is not an actual historical event.

And while it may be the journey, not the destination, it changes the options of storytelling and the dynamics of it if we already know the journey’s destination.

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It’s historical in the context of their universe. That’s a big part of what powered ‘Rogue One’; how did it happen? What lead up to it? This is more of that.

I understand if you don’t find that of interest, you’ve said many times that you’re only interested in ‘Star Trek’ that keeps going forwards, not back.

But ‘Rogue One’ did well and I think this is a pretty safe bet as a premise for a TV show.

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I know. I am saying that actual historical and fictional historical events are different things :wink:

I’ll amend that by saying I would like to at least see one Star Trek show that explores the future instead of delving on the fictional past. I can be interested in other ST stuff, but it does leave me frustrated that there has not been any ST that looks into the future for such a long time.

But yes, I am uncomfortable with nostalgia-driven sci-fi, so I’m not the target audience for this.

That’s not the only point here though. I mean, I love Better Call Saul, but they’ve been very aware that the viewer’s knowledge of their character’s final fate needs to have an impact on the way they are telling the story. They are doing a lot of very interesting things with that. I doubt it’s the kind of thing Disney would want to do in this kind of series though.


To us, sure, but not to the characters, and that’s as least as important a factor when someone is writing the story as it is when we’re watching it.

The character don’t know their future, they don’t even know they’re characters. A lot of bad writing can spring from not respecting that fact. I have hopes that the writers they get for this will be able to navigate that minefield (or asteroid field?).

Well this wont be ‘Better Call Saul’ in space, no, but then it’s different in a whole lot of other ways too.

A better comparison might be the series, ‘The Americans’ which finished recently, and even though they were fictional characters doing fictional things the audience still knew something they didn’t; the Soviet Union was going to lose the Cold War. In fact the Soviet Union was going to lose itself.

And yet the show lasted for 6 seasons and won a bunch of awards, including for it’s writing.


Ya, but my point was about why we watch historical movies like “Abraham Lincoln” or “Dunkirk” and that it works differently because we have a different interest in these movies.

That’s hardly the same as knowing how the protagonist will die, though.

Knowing your protagonist’s final fate from the outset is something that is traditionally reserved for tragedies (also something I am sure the creators of Better Call Saul are keenly aware of), and I doubt that’s what Disney is looking to make.


We have an additional interest; because they’re based on true stories. ‘Dunkirk’ though was only taking place in a historical event. It’s protagonist and everyone he met were all fictional though. They could’ve all died because none of them were ever at the real evacuation.

They made ‘Rogue One’, where everyone died. #spoilers

Now they’re making a prequel about a character that everyone who watched ‘Rogue One’ (that is to say, their target audience) knows will die in that movie they already saw.

Of course it’ll be a tragedy. It’ll aim for excitement, romance and even humour along the way, but it’s going to be a gritty show.

They know that making a ‘Star Wars’ spy/war film was what worked. This is the series version.

But to move this on a bit, this means that a lot of ‘Rogue One’ characters can reappear. I’m interested so see them bring back Krennick, and also Tarkin, with CG that’s a few years more developed.

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Oh, I had not considered that possibility - excellent idea.

Krennic suffered a bit in R1 due to having to contend with the villainy of Vader and Tarkin, on his own he’ll be a far more effective villain. (Which he was in the Catalyst book.)

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I would assume that K-2SO will be a regular on the show, from a certain point on. That’d be cool.

They could also bring in Saw Gerrera, who was a very cool character, but they’d probably have to recast him. I assume Whittaker is too busy doing movies.



He says you have to.