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Star Wars Thread


I’m not aware of this - what does it refer to?

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He once pretended to be a little girl in order to get other artists into drawing stuff that more or less catered to his kinks.

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Oops wrong thread :grin:


Russell should play a deep cover First Order spy who has infiltrated the Resistance.


She seems a little young to be Luke’s wife.


James Mangold confirming he’s not working on Boba Fett, at least not anymore:


Why does everything have to be political? Unfollow.

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Eh… the kid I do feel sorry for… the rest? not really… also, I thought Jar Jar was fully CGI? =/


It’s the guy who did the voice.


Voice and motion capture, to be precise.


yeah, ok but it wasn’t like a dude in make up and costume, that’s what I meant…

Funny thing is, I never ever heard/read anyone complaining about him… just the character itself… The kid, Hayden Christiansen and Portman got it super rough though…


The way they made TPM, Ahmed Best was on set in a costume of sorts, before being replaced with the digital Jar-Jar.



The original plan was to keep the body performance and just replace the head, but it was more efficient to replace the entire character.

Ahmed Best was Jar Jar in the same way the Andy Serkis was Gollum, Kong, Caesar or Snoke (amongst many others).

There’s a debate about how much the animators who create the CGI version contribute to a digital character but it all starts with a guy on set and at the time (20 years ago) the actor’s role was emphasised in the press.


huh, that’s interesting, I didn’t know it was motion-captured… Jar Jar’s movements in the film looked waaay too “animated”, I wouldn’t have guessed… also, again I’m kind of amazed I’ve never ever heard the name Ahmed Best :smile:

That’s a cool hat though… add in the floppy ears and you got a winner piece of merch =P

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Steve will know the technical differences better than me, but I had the impression that the ‘motion capture’ for Jar Jar was more crude than the likes of Gollum and Caesar - based on animating over the actor’s movements as filmed, rather than using the more sophisticated technology of today to track the movements of points all over his body and map that onto a CGI creation.

That might account for the more ‘animated’ look.


ahmed Best was hired to play Jar Jar at least partially because he was a member of Stomp, and he would engage in elaborate and athletic movements while performing on stage. He developed a specific gait for playing Jar Jar, which was based in part on how characters moved in silent films.

Which isn’t to say that the animators didn’t exaggerate it, but it was based on Best’s physical performance.


It’s still done that way a lot, and when you take human proportions and assign them to another species, they don;t fit perfectly. So they have to be adjusted. Once that adjustment starts it sometimes goes on and on, as the director (and as many other people as may have the authority) make post-production decisions about the film and the performances within it.

Jar Jar was as much Best as anything Serkis has done has been Serkis. Mocap characters are the work of many hands. The actor is the primary source, but then a team of animators get involved too.

This is something that Serkis in particular has struggled with.

Despite the fact that he now runs a mocap studio himself and has made his version of ‘The Jungle Book’ with a lot of very non-human characters in it.

You can’t mocap a human and assign that data to a tiger and say it’s all the actor.