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Star Wars Thread


I have to third the Williams bit.

Without that score, Star Wars is actually a very cold, stilted, and very awkward movie.
There’s charm in Lucas trying to pull off something that he can’t - but it’s the score that brings it to something incredibly grand feeling.


Williams is a genius. The music is so much a part of the emotional response to the films.


For my part, I didn’t watch the Matrix sequels because the first one told a story with a perfect ending. I didn’t need a sequel.

I didn’t need a Star Wars sequel, either, as the first movie had a perfect ending. But I was younger then, so I didn’t realise that and went to see Empire anyway :wink:


To be fair to Jackson, that wasn’t his fault. The book is structured that way.


Didn’t Jackson completely change the structure of the second book, though?

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No. I read it the other day, it’s the same as it was 50 years ago. :smile:


Yes, as far as interleaving the two plot threads instead of separating them out. Which probably worked better in the film.

By the structure of the book, I meant the plot causing Gollum to be (mostly) absent from Fellowship, then (mostly) dominant in The Two Towers, which is what I think Tony was complaining about.

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Complaining that Jackson didn’t bring the same magic to the rest of the characters the second time as he did the first time. He becomes overly impressed with himself rather than the material. I realize he shot these movies simultaneously. Maybe it’s just that the first one had better material to draw from. But then he starts making his biggest creative changes with the second and third ones. So I don’t know. Again, I think his instincts in that regard vastly improved with the Hobbit trilogy, possibly because he invented an entire character as part of it, so he could do whatever he thought the story needed.


I blame ‘the fans’.


Mostly leftover del Toro. Could have definitely done without the Tauriel, or Legolas, or cameos, or a lot of stuff. Should have been one four-and-a-half hour film; with intermission!


Seem to be pigeonholed…Didn’t even mention fans this time!

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so, yeah this has probably been posted already… but I kinda fell into this video today, and that’s still what I think about TLJ… it was basically an over-expensive excersise in pointlessness :smile:

It’s like I always say, if you gonna do something big and bold… go all the way, don’t half-ass it 'cause that’s the worst you could do… I’ll admit, even as a non-SW fan, I would’ve been a lot more interested in the next movie IF Jhonson/Disney’d had the balls to follow through on what the movie was going for, instead of cowering back to the status quo at the last minute… well the thrid act I suppose… u_u

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It begins:

Abrams bringing back his old stars again. Hopefully bigger than her M:I-III role.



I really think Disney is saying ‘we’d like more of your money please’.


An intolerant fascist? Surely Disney are saying “this is Walt”.


I don’t think Disney would ever say please


And Andrew Dobson, the artist, is definitely not one who should be taking the moral high ground given his background and skeevy actions.

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A Belgium-England final could be a political battle. It’s Brussels vs Brexit!