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Star Wars Thread


I think they should question it, that’s where I agree with David. I want better Star Wars movies.

But if I’m juggling the movies, cartoons, TV shows, theme parks and cruise lines, not to mention the t-shirts and toys, I’m not that worried. I’m disappointed in ‘Solo’, but I’m not worried.


Yeah, Star Wars is a mess.

I’m sure that Disney and Iger are looking at Feige and Marvel Studios, which is churning out three hit movies a year like clockwork, while their fourth Star Wars movie bombed.

And there’s a ton of turmoil at Lucasfilm itself. That Solo movie that bombed? Kennedy fired the directors after they completed the film, hired a new director, and had the whole thing reshoot. And, after the budget ballooned, the thing still bombed. A similar thing happened with Rogue One, though not to the same extent as Solo, and RO was successful at the box office. Trevorrow was fired from IX. Trank was fired from a Boba Fett film that might or might not get made. It looks like there’s no vision for the franchise at Lucasfilm. Just hire directors, give them projects, then fire them when it isn’t what Kennedy wanted.

Not to mention half of the fanbase is in open revolt over the direction of the franchise.

And the toys aren’t selling. There is little interest in the new characters. The last wave of 6" Black Series figures that came out for Solo? The only one anyone seems to want from that wave is 4-LOM, who was in a thirty-eight year-old movie for about three seconds. The Hans and Landos and Range Troopers are pegwarming. Not as badly as Rogue One or TLJ figures, though, because stores have cut back their orders and stores like Walmart barely stock Star Wars toys now.

The brand is already covered with black marks. Disney needs to act now before any more damage is done and right the ship before it’s too late. If it isn’t already…


So you’re saying you have a bad feeling about this?


It’s a trap!


How many canaries have to die before you’re worried?


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A major, numerical, Star Wars movie has to drop dead. Or one of the associated licencing markets has to slump dramatically.

But business confidence in Star Wars, as a brand, continues to be high;

Differential Brands Group inks licensing deal for Disney and Star Wars brands; shares quadruple

Differential Brands Group Inc (NASDAQ:DFBG) shares have nearly quadrupled following the US$1.38bn acquisition of a significant part of Hong Kong-based Global Brands Group Holding Ltd’s North American licensing business.

The billion-dollar deal includes licensed brands such as Disney, Star Wars, Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, BCBG, Michael Kors and more. The big-name brands are expected to bring in anticipated revenue of more than US$2.3bn.

The all-cash deal is expected to close in the third quarter of 2018.


Maybe they’re wrong and that will turn out to be a bad deal, but they don’t think so.

As I said, I’m not a happy geek right now where Star Wars is concerned, but that’s my problem, not Disney’s.




But if enough people feel like you, then it’s Disney’s too.

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But geeks are still not the general public. We get far more upset about this stuff than 99% of the population.


Care will wear the hair. Beware!

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While it’s underperforming, right now Solo is the 13th-selling domestic movie of the past 365 days. Half of the movies ahead of it on the list are either Marvel, Pixar, or Star Wars. I don’t think the sky is quite falling. They just need to adjust.

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Sure, and if behind-the-scenes problems result in films that people like (eg. Rogue One), then most people won’t care about what went on in the making of the film.

However, the mixed response to TLJ (I liked it personally but it’s impossible to deny it’s been polarising) and the under-performance of Solo indicate that the general public might not be as keen to see these movies as Disney would like.

Just because the geeks are upset, doesn’t mean general audiences can’t be upset too.

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It’s interesting. I think everyone can agree that DC are in trouble and that Justice League was a clear sign that their business strategy needs a huge overhaul. And this is despite DC itself doing well in comics, TV, toys and so on. Only their cinematic brand has seen negative responses.

Star Wars appears to be failing everywhere. Toy lines not selling, movies bombing, a lack any coherent TV strategy and the latest news that future movie plans are on hold.


When they get the next animated series going, assuming it remains aimed at kids, they NEED to rejigger the toy lines to focus on it. And make sure it’s focused on the kinds of toys little kids want to play with. Stop with the overly intricate 3" figures with multiple tiny mouth magnets … I mean accessories … and make something parents won’t worry about buying for a house with kids of multiple ages.

If I could find solid Rebels toys, my daughter would be begging for more of them.


It’s two films, one of which seriously underperformed but the other made $1.3bn.

As a statistical sample I think it’s less than adequate and the best conclusion we can draw from it is;


I think you can draw loads of conclusions. You can compare Rogue One to Solo and see a 60% decrease in tickets sold. You can see the fan response to Last Jedi and compare it to other movies that broke their fanbase. You can look at Marvel toy sales compared to Star Wars. You can go to the mall and see how many people are wearing Star Wars merch compared to other brands. You don’t need to be Nostradamus or need to wait till the miners are all dead to identify that there’s a major problem here.


This is the one has most surprised me, I never expected SW merchandising to actually take a hit! It takes a lot for fans to put their money where their mouth is(1), but TLJ might well have actually had that effect on some.

(1) How much? More than you can imagine, but most of you can imagine quite a lot.

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Interesting article on why Star Wars toys aren’t doing great this year.

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The problem with Star Wars toys is, I think, threefold.

One, is that the people who buy the toys aren’t interested in the new characters. Most seem to want OT characters most, then PT characters second, with little interest in ST characters. It also doesn’t help that the ST characters are not visually dynamic – they mostly look like men in suede jackets, and Rose in her mechanic’s jumpsuit. Also not a lot of aliens to add visual diversity.

Two is Hasbro. Since the Disney acquisition they’ve been peddling a bunch of over-priced, low quality crap. It’s too expensive for kids and too low in quality for adults collectors. Nobody wants a shitty-looking Millennium Falcon that fires nerf darts.

$150 for this piece of shit?

$300 for this? Are you fucking kidding me?

And then there’s also the issue of case assortments of figures. When it comes to action figures, they are sold to retail in pre-packed cases, where they have to buy six action figures nobody wants or everybody already has in order to get two that will sell. And, of course, the flippers buy up the “rare” figures and sell them at a mark-up on eBay. This is why you walk into a toy store or Walmart/Target and they only Star Wars action figures they have are ten Finns and fifteen Jyn Ersos.

Three, they refuse to put out things people might actually want. It’s been something like ten years since they put out a decent version of Luke’s Red 5 X-Wing. Try to find a 6" R2-D2 or Boba Fett or Darth Maul in a store. They have to start putting out more of these “evergreen” toys instead of pushing those shitty-looking Resistance Bombers and Crait Speeders. New collectors want to start out with the most popular toys, not the stuff you’re pushing from the new movie.

I don’t know if these policies come from Hasbro or Lucasfilm, but they’re absolutely destroying the Star Wars toy market.