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Star Wars Thread


More midichlorians? Yeah, I can see why Disney said no to this.


I’m just going to say it…midichlorians were overblown and in the movie, in the dialogue, they make sense.
It’s like moss growing on one side of the tree.

Lucas has clearly wanted to use the term “Whills” for decades and I say he should have done it.

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So you want another three movies exploring that in detail?


They used it in Rogue One.


I note our Count of Clickbait tagged an ariicle that said “not known until now” or some such blatant lie. The thing about the Whills has been around forever. From right about the time the midichlorian debate broke out, if I recall.

All that dead horse’s bones have been pounded into dust by now.

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Why not?
People always go on about the spiritual end of it, the Whills and the use of the term in earlier drafts of the original point into that.

Also, Rogue One is better forgetten

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The Whills has been known, but that he would actually use it, or that the new trilogy would focus on midichlorians is new.

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Anyone whoever read the novelization of A New Hope knows the prologue came from the “Journal of the Whills.” So clearly they were sentient, humanoid individuals capable of grasping the outside world. Likely they were the first practitioners of the Force, the purest users. Might have been able to explain a great deal. Might even have explained where Anakin came from! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that had been part of the story, and as such, all three trilogies would once again have revolved more or less directly around Darth Vader.


Fixed that for you. No need to thank me.


They seem very sure on this one.


It bothers me they want to shoehorn him into the story now, seems like an obvious nostalgia grab since CF passed.
He should have been Leia’s partner in TFA, after Han abandoned his responsibility to Leia and Ben Lando should have stepped in and wooed her. (He is an old smoothy!)
I would have loved to see him step out and put his arm around her when Han sees her for the first time in TFA!
Lando to Han: “you’ve got a lot of guts coming here after what you pulled!”
On the plus side for marketing… an interracial couple in Star Wars? Drive the fanboys crazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love George Lucas, but I kinda think he must have blown a brain fuse at some point. Star Wars in the microbiotic world? The Midichlorians Strike Back? No thanks.


I posted this in the Solo film thread but it looks at how nostalgia may be something that hurt the film.

WARNING: Video has spoilers for Solo.

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That’s all Star Wars ever was!


Basically, then, SW turned into the same stale joke Dad tells every time he gets to a fourth beer. That’s neither funny, creative nor evocative - it’s just beer burps.

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Only after 1983! :wink:

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The original was Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers nostalgia!


Yeah, maybe for my dad! How old do you think I am? :wink:


Your face is nostalgia. Back to the time of the druids.