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Star Wars Thread


I do wonder how much Lucasfilm and the filmmakers anticipated this reaction to The Last Jedi. By this, I mean if the writers, directors and producers really knew how strong the negative response from fans would be, that’s a really terrible thing to do to a young actor in her biggest role yet in a Star Wars movie.

I mean, casting Donnie Yen as a new character in Star Wars is not going to cause him much trouble. The guy is probably one of the most popular stars in the whole world. But I think you have to step back and consider exactly what the risks are to people personally before throwing them in the lion’s den. At least, I hope they prepared her for it.

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There is certainly a lot going on with the Rose character. I don’t know to what extent it has to do with race and gender, as I try to stay out of those pockets of the internet, but it does seem to be emanating from the gamergate/comicgate/right-wing/Jordan-Peterson corner of the internet, and trailing behind the Marvel (comics) diversity push. If you look at Ethan Van Sciver’s twitter feed from a month or so, he seemed obsessed with Rose to a degree where if he were a friend I’d check to make sure he’s OK. This is not a healthy climate for really anything. At some point it’s clear there is more here than just not liking a character.

It is also interesting that she is also not “hot” in the way that movie stars usually are, her performance is somewhat unconventional for female parts, and she’s wearing coveralls a bunch of the time. Maybe if she looked like Lucy Liu circa 2002 and wore skin-tight leather there wouldn’t be this reaction? I don’t know.

But I also get why someone wouldn’t like her for story reasons. I enjoyed her performance and the character just fine, but she was also asked to do more than perhaps the meager setup required.

But I think it’s terrible that people have to act in such a way that she has take down social media, and Daisy Ridley does, and even Zach Snyder did. People need to let go of their entitlement and learn how to behave.


Somewhere, at some point, too many people decided Freedom of speech = Freedom to behave like an arsehole + Immunity to any consequences.

Now there’s lots of good reasons for the protection of speech, you only have to look at dictatorships to see a few obvious ones, but where’s the line between use and abuse gone?


That’s an interesting point in general. For example, with any number of movies in this category from Marvel to Transformers to Twilight to Hunger Games, if you took out the fact that the two leads are attractive, there is really no reason for them to be in a relationship. I mean, I was thinking about this with Ant Man recently. If you ignored the fact that Scott and Hope are good-looking, it is absolutely stupid that they should fall in love.

Especially with women, if characters are not physically attractive - if they are simply “average” - then we’re not really supposed to like them unless they make up for it by being extremely funny. I mean, way above average in the funny.


And then it’s really about laughing at them. And nobody admits it.


It’s a shame that she’s been getting harassed by a bunch of racist, misogynistic dickbags. No one deserves that.

I had absolutely no complaints about her performance, but if I’m being honest I kind of forgot she was even in the movie until I saw the above article. That’s not her fault at all, she was just involved in a plot line that I found ranged between forgettable at best and best forgotten. Everything that didn’t involve Luke, Rey, and Kylo were just kind of there.

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Be careful when talking about physics around Darth Vader, he is very force sensitive.

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Potential or kinetic?

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He also knows what you’re getting for Christmas.


Star Wars: Rogue One

Story by Gary Whitta

Aqualung1971 currently being destroyed by Twitter. :smile:


Gary Whitta also invented the game of Spacerocks, which I will always love him for.


This was a good reply;


After TLJ, I agree. I thought he was terrible in TFA, but he was completely turned around in TLJ in a way that didn’t invalidate his TFA personality but was a genuine growth, making him the only sequel character that feels like he’s had an actual “arc” (Rey sort of has, but only by playing off Kylo). The best scenes in the movie were between Kylo and Rey.

With Poe being an idiot, Finn being irrelevant, and Rey now becoming a supporting character in Kylo’s, arc, Kylo ends up being the most interesting and even the most sympathetic character.

TLJ ended with Kylo being the only character for whom I actually cared about seeing what comes next.

Edit: dammit, I really struggle to type charatcer on this keyboard :frowning:


I really wish things had turned out a bit differently with Kylo at the end, because with how things do settle down and with J.J. back on board it does lend itself to simplification with the final movie in this trilogy.


Yeah, I thought the character was great pretty much for the reasons you described above - she’s pretty atypical for a female character in this kind of movie. I also liked that she’s the sister of a bomber pilot who dies, that’s a great look at a different side of the Rebellion.

So the plot sometimes uses her badly. It’s insane that people use that to attack the character, let alone the actress. But then, that’s always been Star Wars, or at least since the guy playing kid Anakin was buillied to the point of never acting again.

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He’s a school shooter who murdered his father, joined essentially ISIS, then killed his ISIS sponsor and advocates killing your parents so you don’t have to feel guilty about what you’re doing. He’s a horrible creation, brilliantly acted, but there was an awful lot of ‘he’s a troubled boy’ and ‘he’s got a good heart, he’s just misguided’ when he’s really just an awful awful awful scumbag. I hope he has a really painful death, but he’s also one of the reasons why I can’t stand what Disney have done with the franchise. He’s an ugly sign of the times.


Not to do it at all.

Leave Yoda as the one who thinks that wars do not make one great.


I agree with everything you say, and he’s still the best SW character still standing by the end of Episode 8.


Ugh… school shooter is a good analogy. I was thinking more of a channer shithead who idolizes Hitler.

There’s sort of an interesting contrast between Ben Solo and Anakin Skywalker, in that Anakin was someone who idolized the Jedi and became a Jedi to be a force for good in the universe, but he slid into darkness by trying to save someone he loved. Ben, on the other hand, seems to be someone who wants to be an asshole and make everyone miserable. While Anakin was a good man who struggled with his darker impulses, Ben is a bad man who struggles to overcome whatever is good in him. I really don’t see any redemption for him.


Strange criticism: Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing were both obviously well-known before Star Wars. The voice of Darth Vader was far less menacing in Doctor Strangelove. I think we can handle Larry Flynt.