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Star Wars Thread


How did we get to discussing the prequels again? Anyway…

takes deep drag of cigarette


The prequels? Yeah, I seen 'em.

Attack of the Clones isn’t as bad as everyone says. It has three great scenes: the Corusan chase in the beginning, the Kenobi-Fett fight and chase, and the bit with Christopher Lee and Sam Jackson and a million Jedis. There is no Disney-era movie that has three great scenes. The love scenes are awful but on DVD they’re arranged so you can skip those chapters, so if you’re watching them in 2018 you have nobody to blame but yourself. I always find it interesting that people regard this is the worst Star Wars film, primarily on the back of those ten minutes of love scenes, as if most movies don’t have ten minutes of rubbish.

Revenge of the Sith has some great stuff, namely General Grievous and the Mace Windu death scene, but the opening is too chaotic, the climax is too long, and the kid-killing stuff is no good, especially if you’re going to later release a million cartoons where Anakin is the hero. Also, given that we know what’s going to happen it’s a pretty slow march to get there. I would say this is the worst Star Wars film, depending on how I feel about Rogue One on a given day. This thing did get incredible reviews however, I remember that clearly.


I can agree that Attack of the Clone is probably the best of the prequels. I still don’t really like it, but it does have some solid moments. Not that I have much of a desire to revisit any of the non-OT Star Wars movies.

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This thread is great for adding people to the list of really bad opinions on Star Wars.


Somebody make this happen.


I liked Grievous and that whole opening part, but Mace Windu’s death great?

In my personal estimation, AOTC and ROTS are at equal levels of suck. I liked TPM a lot better.


Corrected for accuracy. You can enjoy and in fact everyone saw each of these as entirely separate experiences. There’s no relevance from one movie to the next. That’s one of the keys to MCU’s continued success, the (mostly) illusory concept of interconnectedness.

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My opinion on Star Wars is literally the only correct one: it is an incredible movie series that ended in 1983, which is probably for the best.

That being said there are other movies made by the property holders, such as The Force Awakens and The Battle For Endor, that are fun to comment on from time to time.


I’m really sceptical of the fatigue argument for Solo when we’re in an age where people think nothing of bingeing on a 13 hour series in the space of 24-48 hours - and then start looking for the next one.

4-5 hours of SW, just two movies, with a six month gap is really so much heavier?

Granted, people ain’t paying £15-20 a time for the box set binge so that changes the dynamic a lot - maybe that’s the solution - move Solo onto Netflix quick! So, yes, linked to the financial cost of going to the cinema, I could see why people are perhaps wary, but other successful films still suggest this is something that’s off with SW.


I’m with Gar
I liked, and still like AOTC best.
The Jedi battling in the arena And Yoda whipping out his lightsaber are Fab moments

I like TPM fine

ROTS isn’t he weakest of the 3 for me.
It was my least favorite SW movie, until TLJ…

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At age 9, I saw A New Hope in theaters. I loved it.

At age 12, I saw The Empire Strikes Back. I loved it.

At age 15, I saw Return of the Jedi. I loved it.

At age 31, I saw The Phantom Menace in the theaters. I didn’t like it.

At age 34, I saw Attack of the Clones in the theaters. I didn’t like it.

At age 37, I saw Revenge of the Sith on a bootleg DVD the night before it opened in theaters. I didn’t like it. It was the first Itime I didn’t see a SW movie in theaters.

At age 47, I saw The Force Awakens in theaters. I hated it. It would also be the last SW movie I have seen. I have had zero interest in any of the movies since it came out. My interest in SW is pretty much dead.

While I didn’t like the prequels, I can’t say I hated them. I feel indifference toward them at best. I have had no interest in rewatching them. I saw them once and that is enough for me.


I don’t think it is fatigue. I think it’s that either SW’s time might have largely come and gone, or there’s not enough Jedi stuff in the new films to bringpeople in.

To me, the non-SW guy, the only thing that separates SW from the million other space/fantasy operas is the Jedi. Space battles have all been done, seedy sci-fi criminal elements have been done, etc. Space monks with laser swords and telekinesis is unique and cool. Space battles are great and all, but the best moments in most of the SW films have mostly involved cool Jedi stuff.


I also watched the two Ewok movies when they premiered on TV in 1984 and 1985. They were just bad and geared for young children.

I also saw the Holiday Special when it first aired in 1978. At the time, I remember being glad to get some more SW though I wished it had been a lot better. I now see it for the beautiful train wreck that it is.

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Yep. The mystique of the space monks is the key to Star Wars, Obi-Wan and Yoda were awe inspiring as these ancient Zen warriors. That and Mark and Harrison’s performance made the franchise.

The incredible art design helped too. And the music. Guess it all came together.


Right now I think that the Prequels are going through a sort of “humor cult” phase. I see a lot of love for the Prequels in strict terms of just how silly but outgoing they were in some areas. Might not have been good films, but memorable to a few in a not-so-hateful way.

So I agree Todd. Not a fan of the series, but I never hated a movie in it until TLJ and “LOVE”.

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The prequels always had some appeal as kind of a crazy, big-budget auteurist vision, roughly on par with how people think about Speed Racer (or really the post-Matrix Wachowskis in general).

I think they got another round of appreciation when the Disney films came out and didn’t have any original ideas in their heads.

I don’t know what you mean by LOVE.


Jupiter Ascending is the best Star Wars movie this decade.


At the time when the first trilogy came out, it was for the most part, the only story of its kind. Now Star Wars has to compete with other fantasy/sci fi franchises with their special effects and ongoing storylines.

Now Star Wars is in the middle of the pack when at one time it ruled.


Rose Tico allowing people to get murdered by the First Order while babbling on about “Love” is what I mean by “LOVE”.

I’m not a fan of Star Wars, I don’t hate on the series, but that’s just an incredibly bad scene by any measure.


Can you point me in the direction of the Star Wars movies with original ideas in them, I’d like to give them a look.


Just read 60+ posts in this thread. It’s like everyone has been drinking heavily. I want to say Attack of the Clones is the new Man of Steel.