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Star Wars Thread


I think that’s the assumption because it would be the cleanest way to write Leia out. But I agree, it’s not the only way they have to go.

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I’m pretty much of that view, that there needs to be a jump but got thinking ‘what if’.


We watched TPM last night for the first time in about 10 years. WOW! I couldn’t believe how bad it was. I liked it better in the theater because I was still high on the return of Star Wars, but giving it an objective viewing…it doesn’t do well at all. Most of the acting is incredibly wooden, nobody seems to dither, just wait for their line to come up. It felt like someone convinced Neeson to be in a fanfilm. The kid that plays Anakin was painful to watch, there are plenty of kids that age that can really act. I have no idea why he got cast in the part. Yoda looked like some horrible puppet that comes to life and kills you in the dead of night! I was really just watching for the Darth Maul fight, it was pretty cool but the finally when Obi takes him out was rediculous and poorly written, maybe a better fight choreographer would have helped. I remember now why it’s been collecting dust on the shelf for so long. :wink:
Tried to watch AOTC afterwards but fell asleep during the crawl so I’ll give it another shot tonight.


I’m of the opinion that Attack of the Clones is worse than Phantom Menace. So I’d urge you to not bother.

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It has Christopher Lee! I remember really liking the scene when Dooku lays out the whole plan to Obi-wan and tries to turn him by twisting the truth. As wicked and charming as an evil wizard.


I much prefer Attack of the Clones. It has some great set pieces if you ignore the hopeless romance story. The love for The Phantom Menace is weird to me. It has all the things people say are the most annoying, the kid and Jar-Jar. I’m fully into the idea that the prequels get better from a very poor start.

I would rank them in reverse.


Lots of shit films have Christopher Lee!


AOTC has a bunch of Jedi fighting in the same place at the same time, which was really cool.

The rest of the film is an atrocity. Truly terrible. It’s not even an interesting failure…it’s just embarrassing. The forced romance betwern Anakin and Padme bordered on parody. I can’t believe people actually thoight that shit was good enough to release into theaters.


I woke up on the couch during the scene when padme admits her love to Anakin. I actually laughed at the rediculous lines and delivery.
I view the PT as fanfilms rather than the actual SW universe, same with TFA. When I watched the OOT a few weeks ago none of that stuff ever entered my mind. Though ROTJ got lots of snarky comments from the couch. :wink:

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That is rubbish. The rest I don’t have an issue with. TPM has next to nothing, 90% of AotC is better, you are just deluded by popular opinion and low level hypnotism.

The prequels are essentially another dimension devoid of logic. Each one had amazing initial reviews, then became the worst films of ALL TIME EVER. Then the reason for them being the worst of all time was Jar-Jar and kiddy Anakin and then TPM is rated by far the best of them, the only one centred on Jar-Jar and kiddy Anakin.

Star Wars fans are nuts.


I still remember the years of embarrassment suffered by Empire magazine for its five-star review of AotC.


AOTC is the only prequel to have Jango.

Just chew on that before you nip things in the bud.

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Yeah but RotS has loads of guys who look just like him.


No Jar-Jar though, the worst thing ever in Star Wars but not as bad as something else perhaps or maybe. :smile:


I love the way he turns up for a few silent cameos, which somehow feels even more humiliating than a complete absence.


Have you people all been very, very bad?

Are you seeking contrition, or forgiveness?

Why, oh why why why are we banging on about these horrible things?

I wanted Chris Lee to turn everybody into vampires!

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Jar Jar was a war hero.
So…not as bad as “LOVE”.


I’m not a Star Wars fan. I’ve seen them, I like a few, but I’ve never been a big fan. I’m pretty objective.

The Anakin and Padme stuff was embarrassing. No chemistry, line delivery that sounded like it came out of the mouths of children doing their first 6th grade stage play, etc. Just really, really bad. Zero self awareness from actors and director.


There’s a great bit in the behind-the-scenes documentary on AotC where George Lucas presents Christopher Lee with a Yoda puppet that has had Dracula fangs added, and Lee gives him the most what the fuck are you playing at look ever.



Faint praise and all, but the small bit right before they head off into the arena they shared was nice.

I’m not a Star Wars fan either.