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Star Wars Thread


Maybe so. But I think the presence of Han, Leia and Luke made TFA a cultural event of the kind that it wouldn’t have been without those returning characters.


This is a multi billion dollar franchise. The appetite for these movies is huge, but so are the budgets and, in this case, the budget outstripped the audience interest.

‘Star Wars’ as a whole remains a massive part of popular culture. Disney have to find the right balance on how to make that a good business for them.


I think that’s only true for a small proportion of fans. Most people just want to see a good movie. They aren’t putting their money down for tickets because they want something to hate.


To be fair the Prequels didn’t have those 3. I think Star Wars is trapped by the original cast - making a movie without some of them would be like making a LOTR movie without Gandalf, or a Star Wars movie without Kirk. It feels like a spin off with an entirely new cast is a TV venture at best. The prequels used Vader and Obi Wan, and I think that was a decent idea.

They should have kept just Luke. And Artoo and Threepeo are good options for linking the universe together. But I agree with Robert that fans wanted something new rather than what we’ve been given. Rogue One felt like something new. I didn’t like it but lots of fans did.

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True, but even just in TPM you had young-Vader, Palpatine, Obi-Wan, Yoda, as well as the droids. They still played on the aspect of seeing old faces in a new context, if not quite as much as TFA did.


Of course not. And a lot of the people who are gonna talk negatively about something probably never even saw it.

@Jim, a hundred million box office opening weekend is still a big weekend, and we’ve had huge opening weekends like this for years now. It’s not the first weekend that determines these things, but what follows. If this thing makes less than a billion worldwide, then it’s a legitimate failure.


With a hundred million box office opening weekend you’re never gonna get a billion worldwide. This won’t get past 800 million.


“Let the past die, KILL it if you have to.”
-Kylo Ren (aka punk-ass bitch) :wink:

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$800 million is fine. And I argue that saying it isn’t is crazy. Or they’re being reckless with budgets, so it’s their fault. But all the tinkering studios have been doing (which is itself nothing new: research the production of Wizard of Oz) is kind of funny, because they think this is maximizing profitability, but if fans find out, they think it minimizes the quality.

Which itself is a hilarious topic. You can take the simplest story ever told and find a huge amount of work behind it. Getting a little tired of that fan instinct.


Has anyone mentioned school is not out yet? Oh, most - but the ones that are not. it’s about time for final exams and projects and end-of-term stuff. Right after two or three major money-takers. Trying to sell what word-of-mouth says is damaged baggage while the “typical” Star Wars buzz is simply not buzzing.

I’m going outside to play for a while.

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You need to stop obsessing over ‘fans’ really. In any area of genre fiction there are groups that will post all sorts. Up in arms that Dumbledore is gay, up in arms that Dumbledore isn’t gay. Every film ever has haters and lovers and people in the middle.

Box office suggests what the general public outside of core fandom (who will go even if it’s just to complain) think of the appeal of something and the subjective element of how good it was is down to you. I mostly enjoyed Solo, it was okay but not great. In truth that’s not going to change whatever anyone else thinks.


I only worry about it insofar as attempting to be social, I seek out venues to talk about things I like. And more often than not, I find other fans complaining. Rest assured, in my private life, I focus on the stuff I like, and why I like it.


And I don’t want to stifle you Tony, the conversation is great hence I’m replying but it’s just the frequent referral back to how ‘fans’ are wrong etc. I just think they always will be because they are vocal and give all sorts of opinions. There are always a group of fans to rail against because of that.

Ultimately they have quite a limited influence, they hated The Phantom Menace, they hated Attack of the Clones more and still do, yet Revenge of the Sith made more money on opening than Solo at 2005 rates. The main audience clearly wanted to see some more (even if the take dipped over the trilogy it kept to a certain level).


The opening weekend is easy to project out. This movie won’t break $300 mil domestic nor $600 million overall. Disney’s hope was a billion.


Likely right, at this point. But if the response as it’s been developing had been different, it could very well have had long legs. Could still happen…

@garjones, I do tend to mention my disappointment with fans a lot. Might be something to do with my long history listening to the Star Trek community, one of the nuttiest and most irrational fan groups ever.


Yeah… you’re not a Dr Who fan are you?

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No, no I am not. Am fully aware of the big stink the lady Doctor received.

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Just to illustrate my point. I have been a fan of Doctor Who almost from birth, I remember seeing the episode The Horror of Fang Rock and since they never repeated them in those days I must have been 4 and a half years old. I have seen every episode since Pertwee started (the ones before that have gaps), many of them several times.

I have no objection at all to a female Doctor. She’s a good actress, was very strong in Broadchurch.


And good fans do exist! And thank goodness!

(I am not trying to define a good or bad fan. Or what a fan is! But my action figure collection will back me up!)


Don’t confuse fans’ online opinions with their tendency to spend money on SW, the two rarely go together…

Sure, some fans hated the PT, but they also saw every single one of them in the flicks - some multiple times - for something they supposedly ‘hated’.

I’ve seen Rebels get a vast amount of venom thrown at it, yet the same people who say they loathe it, continued to watch the show right up to the end.

For TLJ, its controversy worked in its favour for a time, with the point being people ought to see it first, carpet-bomb it second. That all equals $ in the bank.

If Disney find that some fans have actually put their money where their mouth is, then they’ll have reason to worry. Until then? They can pretty much rely on the fan tendency to not want to end their interest in SW, but for some, it is the case that TLJ razed that to the ground and it did so very, very effectively.