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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


I mean, kind of the whole point of the lessons Finn and Poe learn is the opposite of that.


I was just thinking about the end, when Manic Pixie Dream Rose told Finn that they would win not by fighting what they hate, but saving what they love, wasn’t this whole mess started when Anakin Skywalker tried to save what he loved?


Don’t ever re-watch the Battle of Endor in Jedi. The way that Super Star Destroyer went down… :wink:


Yes, but he did it like a psycho.

If he became a fireman, he’d smother the fire by throwing Jedi younglings on it. That doesn’t make being a fireman a bad idea.


Doesn’t even nearly fit this trope man, come on.


Me too! And I’m going to wear a Rey’s cosplay costume at my Halloween party^_^
But that’s what’s bothering me.I don’t know where can buy the high quality low price costume of Rey.


If you can’t buy you could make…


Are you making one for yourself, Bruce?


It’s my next project now I’ve finished my c3p0 costume.


It is, but the movie’s plot and visuality work against the supposed moral points, making them ring hollow. It’s one of the things I went on about a lot at the time.


manic pixie dream girl


  1. (especially in film) a type of female character depicted as vivacious and appealingly quirky, whose main purpose within the narrative is to inspire a greater appreciation for life in a male protagonist.

Though Rose probably couldn’t be described as “vivacious,” she is a bit quirky (she shot Finn with a stungun in her first appearance), her main purpose seems to be to dispense wisdom to Finn and act as a sort of romantic interest.


She stuns him because it’s literally her job to do so. That’s not quirky.


She’s down to earth, dedicated, engineer girl.

Until she falls for Finn.

Maybe he’s her manic, pixie dream boy?


He’s Yoda to her Luke.


Yoda never kissed Luke.

Unless it was a deleted scene.


Yoda’s species kiss by hitting one another on the head with sticks.


Wait, you told me you read my fanfic! You liar!


I’m just glad that The Last Jedi has replace a certain Superman movie as being the most divisive movie on the forum.



Yeah, I still can’t believe people don’t like Christopher Reeve’s first Superman movie.