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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


Last night I started talking about the SW saga films when I got home. My wife will tolerate any topic of conversation but Amber rolled her eyes, “again with Star Wars?” and excused herself. A few minutes later she sent this text from her room. :laughing:



LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Marvel movies are the only thing that’s come close to Star Wars. They’ve saturated pop culture for a decade. They dominate toys and kids clothing. There’s merchandise everywhere and it’s almost to the exclusion of everything else. The kids growing up with Marvel will revere Pratt, RDJ, Evans and so on like we revered Hamill, Ford and friends. When this generation of kids grow old they’ll force the movies on their kids like we have with Star Wars. These movies aren’t going anywhere, in the same way after 40 years you can still see A New Hope on TV once a week.


Only if the Holiday Special doesn’t count.


Note, I said movie Obviously the Holiday Special is better.


I was disappointed with the lack of wookie nudity in the holiday special! :smile:



Todd really had some videos ready to go when the words “Wookiee nudity” came up.


Yes, it really is fascinating.

It’s like people are seeing two completely different movies.

I see all of these people who are claiming that TLJ is taking the franchise into a bold, exciting direction, yet I just see a movie that rehashed and strip-mined the OT. So far the sequel trilogy has given us a new Empire, a new Rebellion, a new black clad dark side user, a new new hope emerging from tne desert. For all of the criticism TFA got for playing for nostalgia, TLJ doubled down on it. I mean, my god, it ends with “The Rebellion is reborn today.”

I have to wonder if this isn’t the Disney vision for Star Wars: a perpetual,conflict between a ruthless empire and a ragtag rebellion, with a Jedi order in perpetual need of being rebuilt. More X-Wings and TIE Fighters. Maybe that’s what people want to see. I don’t know.

And that isn’t even getting into the film’s other sins like how the force is now handing out super powers randomly, or how it’s becoming a plot crutch (Rey and Kylo “forcetiming”), or how they overpowering the force (Leia is flying like Superman! The aforementioned forcetiming scene.)

And the sequel trilogy has invalidated so much that happened in the PT and OT that it might as well be a reboot. The new republic failed. Luke’s new Jedi order failed. The Sith are still around, so the force never balanced. Leia failed as a politician, a mother, and a husband. Han failed as a father and a husband. Luke failed as a Jedi Master and teacher. Even Anakin, who sacrificed himself to save his son, only saved him for a lifetime of failure and misery.

Ye gods, I absolutely detest this movie. Every creative choice was the wrong one. It even made TFA a worse movie in hindsight by running with its weakest parts and ignoring the most interesting set-ups. I have absolutely no interest in seeing IX at this point, and, as a lifelong from of that galaxy far, far away, it breaks my heart.


Hand over your nerd identity card citizen, you’re clearly an imposter. Take him away.


You’re my man, Jason. It killed the franchise for me.

And I shall have my vengeance!


I thought everyone did.


My 2 year old, right now, engrossed in the 3rd episode of Clone Wars. I’m now watching this the second time, with the second kid. Y’all are nuts. The franchise has legs that will outlast a questionably controversial movie.


Indeed, Rogue One was quite the blow.


They were mentioned earlier, but Harry Potter would have to be in the conversation. Nearly 8 billion dollars over the course of the first franchise, along with the books, the games, merchandise, theme park attractions, and a new series underway with Fantastic Beasts. There’s an entire generation that grew up with Harry Potter in the same way that our generation grew up with Star Wars. Arguably the only thing that’s kept HP from getting even bigger is Rowling herself keeping tight control over the rights. What’s really impressive is that it’s managed to be as big as it is with those limits.


Re-assassment? I was critical of it when I left the cinema!

And I hated Spider-Man 2, for the record.

I’m just saying, I am clearly ahead of the curve.


Or just wrong. :slight_smile:


The most reassessment I’ve seen of Raimi is with regards to their camp. Overall people still generally like them.


I didn’t really like the Raimi films when I was a kid because of the camp and how depressing Peter’s life was and how awkward and weird Peter was. I watched them recently and was really taken in with 2 in particular; they’re fucking perfect portrayals of Ditko’s Spider-Man, which I wasn’t familiar with at the time they came out. Also in this era of very very similar Marvel movies, I actually think the distinct flair Raimi brought to the films have made them age incredibly well.


Yeah Raimi was a big Ditko guy and worked hard to capture that spirit. Part of the reason the third doesn’t work as well is because Venom wasn’t Ditko and Raimi didn’t want him and had no idea what to do with him.