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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


I can only assume David has worked for some very tough bosses.


Yes but you were born in 1925.


Ok, so there’s the murdering that admiral, but apart from that what has Vader ever done that’s bad?

Ok, there’s torturing the Princess.

Oh yeah, cutting Luke’s hand off.

Freezing Han in carbonite.

Yes all right but apart from murdering his admirals, torturing people, cutting his son’s hand off and freezing Han, what has Vader ever done that’s bad?

(Chorus of general agreement from the Vader Liberation Organisation)


I was actually sad at that.
During my rewatch I was like “aww no, he was trying his best through-out his short little scenes!”.

It’s like when Joker shot Bob the Henchman. You never want to see a somewhat capable minion die for no reason.



To be fair movies from the 40’s wouldn’t have compared to the technical marvels we were getting in the 80’s. The choice was mostly musicals, cowboy movies, Tarzan and crime movies. And Laurel and Hardy and other clownish acts. You probably loved the old Disney cartoons and all the Tom and Jerry/Bugs Bunny they would show. Even the 50’s movies are the kind of thing you really need to be an adult to appreciate. Having movies that target 8 year olds is a pretty recent thing.

This reminds me of that line in Infinity War where Spidey references that old movie Aliens.


Give Spidey a bit more credit, as per Civil War he at least goes back to 1980 and ESB.


Maybe so but how many any older films did we watch from previous decades as kids? You can move it up to the 60s and colour and special effects. Maybe Ben Hur and a Ray Harryhausen film on bank holiday.

There are a few classics but not many kids watched that stuff in the 80s. Wait and see, it is quite dispiriting when you put on the original Ghostbusters for a 9 year old and they really don’t care and prefer the new Jumanji movie by miles.

You’ll be as disappointed as my dad was when none of us gave a rat’s arse for David Lean’s Oliver Twist, and he was an extra in that. The new generation won’t love the original Star Wars trilogy, as much as we objectively think they are the best and want them to.


Well, like others have said, it’s clear that Snoke had also gotten to him at that point, already.

Of course, all of that story has become quite irrelevant because they killed off Snoke before he could become an interesting character in any way. That was one of the things where Johnson really wiped his arse with Abrams’ setup in the first movie.

You know, if this was a TV show, we’d get an episode chronicling Kylo’s early life and his turning to the dark side. I always like it when they take the time to focus on one character and work with flashbacks. I think Kylo convinces me as a character because I can easily see how that story would work, and it would be interesting to me to watch it. But on the other hand, you’re not wrong that what we do get is pretty contrived and maybe saved by Driver’s performance mainly.