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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


Poe’s Law: Jump in an X-Wing and blow stuff up.


That’s not even his X-Wing!


That’s Poe’s Law: thou shalt fly in whichever X-wing is closest at the time.


You call it “suspension of disbelief”, I call it “faith”.

And I find your lack of it… disturbing.


It’s fine if it works for so many people. I think for me, it’s also part of a cumulative effect - there were too many moments in the movie that didn’t feel properly earned.

The other thing is that obviously, force powers have escalated massively in the sequels. I suppose that was bound to happen, but I find it more easy to accept when it comes to Kylo and Rey, who are also able to do all kinds of outrageous stuff (in Rey’s case without any training), because they are treated as force prodigies.


That’s one thing that bothered me about Luke.

At some point between ROTJ and TFA he turned into a miserable, bitter old bastard.

I don’t think he actually earned that right. Or Rian Johnson never convinced me he earned his bastardy. Outside of Luke contemplating killing Ben, we never saw what went down there, and it’s just more of a case of a writer telling us to trust him instead of him showing us.

And, within the course of a day, it seems like Kylo Ren went from being a petulant dick to being the Supreme Leader of the galaxy. Ren is stupid and small, and there is no way in hell he wouldn’t be taken out by someone in the First Order with half of a brain and at least a thimblefull of leadership skills. At least King Joffrey First of his name had Tywin Lannister running the show behind his back.

The Force has always been ill-defined, and now that Disney and Lucasfilm are letting their directors and writers run wild, it could be a spell for disaster. I know that things being “run by a committee” gets a bad wrap, but there’s also that old saw about “Too many cooks.” And when you don’t have a singular creator in charge of the fictional reality who sets the terms of limits of the fictional universe (like GRRM with ASOIAF or Rowling with Harry Potter) you run the risk of bringing in creators who want to play with the toys and end up breaking them.


Yeah, a lot of the character development from VII to VIII didn’t really work all that well. And I do think that Rian Johnson could’ve made a better Star Wars movie with another writer working alongside him. I love that Disney took a chance on this kind of filmmaker, and I love Brick and Looper, but making a Star Wars movie is a different animal, and it shows.


All good fun.



US-only, annoyingly.


How is that supposed to work if you buy the blu-ray?


There’s probably a code.


For the blu-ray, wouldn’t the easiest thing be to just have it as an audio track?


But then how could you upsell your shitty app to people??


In fairness, Movies Anywhere is one of the best apps I’ve downloaded in a while. It collects the stuff you’ve bought everywhere and puts it everywhere. You don’t even really need to use the app. Just sync your libraries with it, and suddenly, most of the movies you’ve bought on Google, iTunes, Amazon, or anywhere else are available on all of them.

No, they don’t pay me. Why do you ask?


Huh. That kinda sounds like the future. I don’t think it’s live in Germany yet, but I’ll take a look when it is.


So I watched Last Jedi today and well, it was OK. There was an hour of great Luke/Rey/Kylo stuff and then 90 minutes of the other characters doing stuff because I guess they had to be there? And that latter point is my real criticism of the movie. The whole thing felt like Canto Blight, Poe arguing with Holdo and all that was just there to mark time until Rey was done on Ach-to. Which isn’t to say that those parts are bad, but they felt hollow.

I could probably go on for longer, but I need to gather my thoughts better. Overall good not great, should have been shorter, should have tied the plots together better.


I am debating whether I should buy it now or wait to rent it later…


This was a movie that the more I thought about it after, the more I appreciated. I think its real legacy will emerge after Episode IX, for a lot of people. If Abrams nails the landing, what Johnson did will make more sense.


just gave it a re-watch, and found it much better/more exciting on 2nd viewing. \