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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


Apart from Kylo Ren, surely.


Ugh… him. I hate him so much.

I actually consider him a Solo, since he has no Skwalker Y chromosome. Assuming Star Wars humans have X and Y chromosomes.


They have X and Y midichlorians.


People are dumb.


I know, I just preferred it was different. I accept that it is the way things are in SW.


Seeing someone use the force for the first time in their lives when they’re in their sixties doesn’t feel right, though.

Using intuition to help you fly an X-Wing is different from maneuvring your frozen body through the vacuum of space, though.

I can see how that is a nice moment for fans. But it’s way beyond my suspension of disbelief.


I always thought the Luke/Leia/Vader cross-cutting at the end of ESB was meant to indicate low-level force-sensitivity for her even at that point.


Yeah, and it would’ve made sense, from that, to establish in VII that she played some role in the establishment of a new Jedi order with Luke, but they did the opposite of that and made it very clear that she was in no way a part of that.

Going from that to what is a very superhuman feat without laying any kind of groundwork for it just didn’t seem earned and felt a bit too much deus ex machina.


What a stupid argument. They skipped 30 years of their lives offscreen after we are told specifically by Yoda she had the potential.

It’s amazing what strange things fans will accept and then not. She could have been doing that all day for all you know.

More than anything it is ageist in the extreme. You’ll be there soon.


I think it definitely was and have never even thought otherwise about it. Is this up for debate?


I think it’s pretty clear, she’s the one who senses where Luke is and has to go back for him.

I got the feeling from TFA that she still had the power and hadn’t nurtured it with formal training, but that she was still attuned to it during moments of significance (so she feels Han’s death and is knocked off her feet by it).

So I never felt that the moment in TLJ was the first time we’d seen her use the Force.

I can see why it might seem odd if you didn’t think those previous examples were Force-use, though.


I did watch The Force Awakens, you know.

It’s amazing what strange things fans will justify. If she’s been doing that all day, then it’s something you’re infering and that the script hasn’t established.

Oh, there’s a lot of stuff I’m not expecting to get to be an expert in anymore. I’ve been trying skateboarding last year, and while I can move at a reasonable speed without breaking any bones, it’s unlikely I’ll turn into Tony Hawk suddenly.


Well, “use” in the sense of Luke at the end of New Hope. A special kind of intuition, but not a great physical feat, which he was only able to do after his training.


I did too. It’s a certain point in time that skips over the previous 30 years with no flashbacks.

We accept Luke got it all handled after 2 days with Yoda and Leia ignored it for half her lifetime. The alternative is hardly crazy.


It’s only like Luke pulling the lightsaber out of the snow at the start of ESB, really - a bit of using the Force to move objects lightly, at a time of great peril and stress.

I don’t really consider it a ‘great physical feat’ in the grand scheme of things either, she just pulled herself towards a large object through space.


Yoda, who’s like nine hundred years old, said Luke was too old to start Jedi training in ESB.

I understand what Christian is saying, though. Through four movies we’ve never seen Leia do much of anything with the Force, and now she’s doing a Hail Mary Poppins move that we’ve never really seen before. Not to mention it looked really silly.

It would have been more believable if she did something smaller (like shutting a bulkhead with great difficulty and then collapsing afterward.


I really was joking on that point. :smile:


Poe’s Law. Online it can be a bit difficult to whether or not someone’s serious.



It’s fair enough. I very much enjoy picking on Christian for silly things, he’s an excellent sport.