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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


Can you feed them after midnight? Do you have to keep them out of bright light and sunlight?




Finally! Someone went and did a correct version of the scene with the Porgs and the lightsaber!



The Empire Last Jedi spoiler podcast has a good 25 minutes with Johnson about film.
I really like his honesty about not giving a damn about Snoke and that Rey’s parents should be no one.

Well worth a listen.



I did not give a damn about Snoke and also thought Rey’s parents should be no one. Might go to explaining why I loved the movie so much.


Both are nerd issues at best. Star Wars is still big enough to weather nerd issues. It weathered the prequels! It can weather this, too.

…[runs out of the room]



Leia’s survival nags me a little, because she only saves herself. It almost seems egotistical to just save yourself, when so many others died.


I still just think it’s silly. Johnson’s answer is great, but it’s still just ridiculous that Leia, who hasn’t shown any control of the force before or after, is able to survive like a minute in the cold and vacuum of space and then draw herself back in using the force. I’m not expecting Star Wars to be hard sci-fi, but there should be some consistency. This was just magicking stuff to have what Johnson saw as a cool moment.


Good point, can someone flag down a passing Mod and get this moved?

And as if by magic (or the Force), it’s done!


Whoops. Yeah, sorry, wasn’t paying attention to where this was. Thanks, The Lorcan!


Easy explanation. Had she been conscious she could have saved more. Her unconscious mind went strictly into survival mode.


Maybe Leia is part Celestial?


No. Rian was just imprinted early in life with Mary Poppins.


I haven’t read this thread because I haven’t seen the movie yet.

I felt like going but then I found out it will be on iTunes in about 2 months so I will wait it out…


I would’ve found it far more ridiculous if Leia hadn’t taken at least a little bit of an introductory class in force-jitsu from her brother in the intervening 30 years since she learned she’s part of a particularly forcey lineage. And didn’t she force-smash down the door into the room where Poe was after she woke up?

It’s also one of Star Wars’ most common tropes to have an untrained yet strong in the force character be able to whip out an impressive against the odds force manouvre at the moment they really need one.

If you do want to talk consistency though, Leia moving under her own agency was pretty much never allowed in the OT.

Personally, I found it immensely gratifying to see a classic character who’s been consistently given the short end of the wedge across the previous films finally get her moment to have one of the big and flashy scenes, in the last film she’ll ever be in.


Ugh. The family force thing is so ugly to me. I hate it. It would have been cool if Luke or Leia had a kid that wouldn’t know how to move a blade of grass with the force, if Luke and Vader’s genetical force inheritance had just been a one off.

It is said the Force borrows from Buddhism, specifically Zen, but believe me there’s nothing like a genetical inheritance of Zen capabilities. (Apart from that I don’t see a lot they have in common, other than a capability to come to an understanding of interdependence through detachment.)

The Force reminds me of Brahman though, which is a basic concept in Hinduism. There is no similar concept in Buddhism.