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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


That was a fairly popular theory.


Was it? People are weird.


In fairness, it’s not that much different to Anakin apparently being ‘conceived by the Force’, or whatever, as per The Phantom Menace.

And I think some people suspected that, with Anakin being the only Skywalker to have appeared in all six movies so far, they would try to find a way to give him a continued presence in the new trilogy.


TFA set off a lot of enthusiastic speculation - which is what fandom tends to do over mystery boxes.


Yeah, but I thought everybody agreed that this was a horrifying misstep and one of the things we try to forget now that Lucas is out?

Much more likely to assume that they go back to the OT’s everybody-is-related motif. Which I thought is what they would do, and am glad they didn’t.


I really loved the idea of Rey being a Vader clone. One of the main reasons is how everyone would be constantly in fear of her and her not fathoming completely why that fear ran so deep. The First Order and Ren would practically see her as a deity creating all sorts of cool interplay. It also would put forth a lot of background philosophical questions about the soul and mortality and morality some of the great themes Star Wars had embedded in it while at the same time carrying on the Palpatine/Skywalker saga in a way that elevates the PT - Palpatine having wanted to create an army of Vaders and having tried for years, in vein, to clone a being strong in the Force that he could control and those experiments outliving him, another part of his dastardly legacy that started the Star Wars in the first place.


One theory that did the rounds was based on analysing her duel with Kylo on Starkiller Base. Some saw moves reminiscent of Sidious, this speculation began…


I always enjoyed taking LSD back in the day.


Way back when, there was a “Two Palpatines” theory doing the rounds too.

It’s kind of fun seeing the mad stuff people come up with.

EDIT: Found Kylo’s theme tune for TLJ:

I met this girl on Monday
Took her for torturing on Tuesday
We were making love by Wednesday
And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday
We chilled on Sunday


But you know, that line of Luke’s was all over the trailers, yet we didn’t see any real pay off in the movie. I don’t believe Disney would troll us like that- too much profit on the line from pissing off fans. Bad business move. I think there will be payoff in Episode IX. I also think that they chose that line because it was carefully written. I think the “trailers” are not real trailers. We payed money to watch a feature length trailer for Episode IX. That trailer was called The Last Jedi. Read Luke’s quote again: “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now." This power. It didn’t. It does. Could it and this be another Skywalker that is not “more machine…then [hu]man”? Also think about this: Reversal. They played a classic scene from the OT’s third installment beat for beat in the ST’s second installment- the Throne Room Scene. They might do the same reversal- take the “Parentage Revealed” scene from the OT’s Second Installment, and putting it in the ST’s Finale. Furthering this is the fact that the battle with the AT-ATs on the white-grounded planet is at the end of TLJ, while it was at the beginning of Empire. Also the “Battle to destroy Round Weapon of Holy Fuckballs Mass Destruction” in TFA was a lot more like that in Jedi then in Episode IV- three factions, one taking out the shield, another aiming to finish off the Round Weapon of Holy Fuckballs Mass Destruction, and the other confronting a Dark Side user in/on the Round Weapon of Holy Fuckballs Mass Destruction.


You are going to be very disappointed by the lack of pay off in XI, and you give way too much credence to the idea any of this story is being planned ahead.
It seems fairly clear from the TFA to TLJ transition, that this story is just being ad libbed.
That’s not a terrible thing, but it’s going to disappoint some fans.


Yup Rian Johnson on the BBC said he was given a complete clean slate to tell whatever story he wanted. The fact that JJ is now coming back may mean he could follow up on some ideas he previously posed but there is clearly no trilogy plan.


Episode IX, scene 1:

Rey steps out of the shower

REY: I just had the weirdest dream.



And this is why quite a few people are very, very pissed off with how this was handled in TLJ.

Lots of people approached TLJ, not unreasonably, expecting a measure of continuity and planning on the mystery boxes and they didn’t get it because, well, to borrow Ross’ phrase:

I’d agree it doesn’t mean everything will be awful, but I can see why people are cheesed off by how it’s been done on the mystery boxes.


I think one that that’s clear is we need to be aware that what ‘fans want’ (as per Kalman’s comments) is a thousand different things. If you are bored enough to go back I mentioned many times in this thread over the past couple of years that I’d hate it if Rey was Luke’s daughter or some other Skywalker.

As a result I was more than happy with the answer given. Many weren’t.

It’s been an interesting feature of the analysis that I have almost heard no two people share exactly the same bits they liked and disliked.


Yes we did. Rey is a powerful force user, like Kylo, that is the pay off. I’m happy with that. There is no hint anywhere in TFA that they’re related. The desire for everyone to be related…I really don’t get that.


I considered placing this in the non-spoiler thread as it doesn’t have any link to the film I could see, but I suppose you could consider the location name a spoiler. In any case…

Star Wars: Canto Bight

A tie-in by location name only, this collection of four novellas makes for a quite nifty set of tales. Were it not for From A Certain Point of View it’d would have bagged the award for doing something different, but now has to make do with being a worthy second.

It would be easy to class this as a book for the hardcore fans only, that is of no interest to the casual fan. My answer to this is: “Amazing. Every word in that sentence is wrong.”

This is a book for anyone who likes the world of Star Wars and, in particular, wants to see more of the seductively lovely but corrupt hellhole that is Canto Bight. The four stories revolve around four new characters,no background knowledge needed of either continuity or chronology.

There might be more, but there’s at least one to two subtle links between the stories. They act as easter eggs, if you spot them, great; if not, it doesn’t matter. I found each to give a new perspective on SW, an insight into how life could be - which is what these stories are more than anything. They’re not grand affairs, there’s no grand victories, but there’s still good and evil and how the character in each tale chooses to respond to it.

I have no idea how this collection will do, but it does deserve a bigger audience.


I think JJ will do all my predictions- have the line about Rey’s parentage be a lie, and Rey only confirming it because Kylo was doing a mind-trick, and while she can do mind-tricks, as seen in TFA, I don’t think Luke ever taught her how to defend her mind against Dark Side users- especially since Snoke was able to link her and Kylo, and while Snoke is powerful, we saw that Kylo can defend himself against Snoke, and as I kept saying, both Luke and Snoke compared Rey’s and Kylo’s power level, so I think if trained properly she could have blocked the link. I also think Luke will come back as a force ghost, and I actually think that was Johnson’s intention for Episode IX- and I do think JJ will pick up on that idea, though not in an obvious way. I also think we will see a backstory for Snoke.


I’ll be honest with you Kalman, Chris Terrio of BVS fame has already written it working from Johnson’s TLJ script, I can’t see JJ rewriting the whole thing to fit Rey and Snoke.

Also, it will prob be shit. Though he did write Argo - which is definitely the sort of person you need if you want to imagine crazy, kid’s adventure stories set in far off worlds…