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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


The differing portraits of Vader are quite funny:

  • Pre-PT: Absolute bad-arse bastard.

  • Post-PT: Misunderstood bastard in a bad suit, so hard done by.

  • Post-Disney takeover: Bad-arse killing machine who can out-run and kill you!

Sure, there were some outliers that moved away from those, one of the best known was Darth Vader & The Ghost Prison, but generally, those were the portraits.


Bloodlines and midichlorians are false flags.


No longer canon. When considering the ST, Disney was clear they only considered Episodes I-VI and the Clone Wars cartoon as canon.


Oh, it’s canon that there was a 5,000 year old Sith Shrine beneath the Jedi Temple, from the days when the Sith ruled Coruscant. Thus, there were more than few major Force-users around for that to happen.


Yoda and Palpatine weren’t Skywalkers. Or Snoke, or Mace Windu. There is no rule that says all powerful force users must be Skywalkers.


The rule of there being only two Sith remains in place.

To get to that rule being set up requires a major Jedi-Sith conflict.


I hate to bring this up, but it’s canon, in the Phantom Menace Obi-Wan says Anakin’s “Midichlorian count” is higher then Master Yoda’s, implying that if Vader was not “more machine then man” at the end of the PT, with a few decades of extra training, he could have been more powerful then Yoda.


A Skywalker could be the most powerful Jedi ever and it still wouldn’t alter the argument. Not all powerful Jedi need to be Skywalkers.


Sidious tells Yoda in ROTS that Darth Vader will surpass them both. (Then ObiWan lava-dunks the little shit)

But that still doesn’t mean the Skywalker line is exclusively top dog.


Heh… that’s always been my philosophy concerning “fandom”, so I agree… whenever I say I’m a “fan” of something it’s just really a conversational shortcut. I’m deeply against the whole “being a fan(atic)” concept, and have been since I was young.

That said, I’m very passionate about MoS :smile:




That does not alter the fact that both Luke and Snoke compare Rey to Kylo. Snoke specifically called Rey Kylo’s “counterpart” and Luke says that Rey has “the same power” as Kylo. It’s possible Luke knows of Rey’s parentage and hid it from her, pulling an Obi-Wan, especially since he was afraid of her (more motivation then Kenobi had for covering up Luke’s parentage IMO). In Episode IX, given what Rey did at the end of TLJ, he could appear as a Force ghost and explain it to her (I have no doubt we will see Luke as a Force Ghost in Episode IX) As for that making Luke or Leia look bad, if she’s Kylo’s sister, Leia could have hidden her away after Ben’s turn (she could have been expecting her brother to tell Rey, and this could be revealed by a letter from a dead Leia to Rey) or if she’s his cousin, Luke could have hidden her out of fear of her, or Kylo kidnapped her, so her first exposure to the Force would be through him returning and picking her up- see the fact that he asks her to be his apprentice, and admitting “I kidnapped you” to someone leaning to the Light Side would be an immediate “No” from her.


Your Rey theory is dead son, let it go.


So? Comparison does not mean family.


To me, in context of the SW mythos, Luke saying that she has “the same power” as Kylo means the same source of Force-sensitivity, that is, being a grandchild of The Chosen One. See Luke’s exact quote “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now."


All that really mean is comparable levels of power. A comparable Light Side practitioner to a comparable Dark Side practitioner. The Force finding balance.


They’re just similar in certain ways. You can choose to believe they’re related but nothing in the story necessitates it.


I’m just glad the idea that Rey would end up being the Force-conceived reincarnation of Anakin himself idea seems to be dead and buried.


Never heard that one before. What a terrible idea.

I am glad they went the way they did with her parents.


It is. The scary thing was that you could almost see the shape of it settling into place.

(Though the idea of a woke Rey turning around and saying “No. I am YOUR father” to Luke is funny for about five seconds)