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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


Well when any movie breaks its own suspension of disbelief it’s very bad, it’s like the one sin a movie should avoid at all costs… which is why I hate Looper so much, btw… too many illogical things… I suspect I’ll have some of those issues with TLJ considering it’s by the same guy.


E[quote=“Mike, post:570, topic:10777”]
st Jedi, it’s presumably of the order of about a day. It gives Rey less than 48 hours to get to Ach-To, meet Luke and have all the scenes together they have - over what seems like at least a few days, local planetary day length notwithstanding - and then get back to the fleet before the 18 hour countdown clock has run out.

That’s easy: Luke used the Force to compress time to train Rey. She felt and thought she was there for weeks or months but in reality it was a couple of days at most.


or just go with the interstellar approach and say Luke’s planet was near a blackhole or whatever… so time dilation stuff etc… =P


I suppose it all depends on how many parsecs they did the journeys in?


But does the movie really begin at the same moment The Force Awakens ends? Yes, of course the Rey/Luke story does, but the attack on the resistance by the First Order might not start right away. They had been delt a heavy blow when thei big planet weapon blew up, so it might take them a few weeks to organize an attack. (I don’t remember if this is mentioned at the end of TFA, thats why I ask.)


Yes, there’s a little wiggle room there, but the Rey/Ben Force chatting syncs things back up again quite quickly.




I just realized this was the first Star Wars movie - Rogue One excepted - without an actual lightsaber duel. The Luke vs Kylo thing wasn’t real, it was smoke and mirrors. That is kinda sucky. I do wish they had real Luke fighting on Crait. Again, it doesn’t break the movie for me but I wish they’d made a different choice.


So… it’s the second one then.


But, more importantly, did he like it?


Was the comic any good?

Yes? Then it doesn’t matter what she did/didn’t do in TLJ, you’ve just read a good comic, cherish the (rare) moment.

No? Then it doesn’t matter what she did/didn’t do in TLJ, you’ve read (another) bad comic, move on.

I don’t get the “this story matters/doesn’t matter” mentality. A book needs to be good on its own merits, and that’s all that matters.


You’re a pretty weird comics fan, man.


I’ve not bought material on the ‘will this show up in the film?’ basis, but I can see why more trusting people do when there’s a title like ‘Journey to the Last Jedi - Phasma’.

We’re older David, so know it’s marketing crap.

As to the comic, might get the OHC next year, if only for the Checchetto art.

Phasma? She’ll be back in ep 9, to die again and then find she’s out of continues, game over.


He said he did. Can’t tell me any specifics that he enjoyed. He spent most of the last hour asking if it was time for lunch yet?


Bilocation. There is a lot precedent for it in mythology and religion, so it’s not necessarily out of the question that a Jedi could do it.

But it still seemed like an odd, forced choice for the movie.


I personally loved Rey and Kylo fighting side-by-side. It’s like what you might have expected to see in the prequels, watching Jedi just being Jedi, fighting people with lightsabers.

But it’s also setup for a truly climactic duel in the third film. Some fans complain that Anakin and Obi-Wan’s fateful clash was ruined by all the intercuts. A lot of Kylo Ren is trying to reclaim the prequels Anakin narrative. So this will be a second chance, maybe.


This is possibly the most disturbing analogy I’ve ever read :see_no_evil:


My work here is done.


Because only Skywalkers can be strong with the force. Like old Grandpa Yoda Skywalker, uncle Samuel L. Skywalker (don’t ask), and second cousin Qui-Gon O’Skywalker. Not forgetting Obi-Wan Skywalker, third cousin twice removed.


That still works if you consider that Kylo is the main character of the trilogy, not Rey.