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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


Because he doesn’t want one. He likes the version in cinemas.


As soon as my resevartions about the film were creeping in, this was the first place I thought to come and look. Everyone always behaves a little more senisble than the majority of the net!


The extra Rey, Luke and the Caretakers stuff I’ve heard about, and seems to make Luke, even more like a complete dick. So personally I’m glad that was cut.
Stupendous Wave video attached about said scene!


I’m not saying its for the cinema, multiple versions on DVD / BR is hardly revolutionary.

The DVD for X-Men 1.5 even had the option of watching the film with deleted scenes added in and that was years ago.


Yes, but he doesn’t want to do it.

Extended cuts, director’s cuts, special editions etc. are a personal thing. For some filmmaker they provide a chance to fix things they didn’t like. Johnson likes this film as it is.

Disney could still make one, without him, but if they want a new trilogy out of him then they’re not going to piss him off like that.


Ah, another Lucas tradition being continued then. :wink:


I wasn’t really trying to say that her goal was for the rebels to die together. But that if they had to die, it should be together after it’s proven there is no longer any hope for their cause. Until that moment they should stand together. She saved him because of the slim hope that all of the Resistance had committed to at that point. But it allowed them all to live in the end, so they were right. They were just wrong about who would save them.


I don’t think Disney does extended/directors cuts, do they?

None of the Marvel films have them, even though a few would seem to be prime candidates (Age of Ultron).


These alternate cuts are like carrots for fans who want to like something but don’t, and then they convince themselves there’s a better version out there. Blade Runner is a classic example. Probably this began with Orson Welles with the infamous studio cut of Magnificent Ambersons (and subsequently Touch of Evil, Mr. Arkadin). So you have fans who convince themselves that the alternate Batman v Superman is better, and the Zack Snyder Justice League, and now this…Every movie has material that ends up on the cutting room floor. The Alamo had so much material, the director said he could create an entirely new movie, with entirely new scenes. Ridley Scott routinely releases director cuts of his movies (although being the Blade Runner guy, I guess this isn’t a surprise). Not that we’ll ever see the Kevin Spacey cut of All the Money in the World. I personally like comparing different versions. But it’s not so easy to tell which is the best. It’s a disservice to the art of filmmaking to suggest otherwise.


Does Star Wars have a more directly international flavor? Star Wars was always generically mythical, but I’ve seen elements that would not be out of place in a Naruto or Bleach story arc or from a Russian folktale but seem “messy” to Americans.


I think the ‘70s auteur era produced directors who brought in a European influence. It’s got to be remembered that George Lucas was originally considered part of that number. He famously considered Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces the basic template for the saga. At its core, Star Wars is a generic hero’s journey. But certainly with a distinct flare.


Isn’t that about as much as we knew about the Emperor at the end of the first trilogy?


Pretty much.

Because we have seen the prequels, our mind automatically fill in the gaps of the OT with the PT information.


The Millar has taught me well.

Soon, there will be a major post here about TLJ that might surprise.

Your only clue for now is:


You finally finished your Star Wars jigsaw puzzle?




Kind of, but can’t chat much, just started on TFA…


To be fair, some people do need to be told this. The way some complain about the movie is ridiculous.


I think that’s where you’re missing the significance of these films to some - they’re not just films and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It may not make any sense to you whatsoever that people see it so emotionally but some do.


There’s definitely something wrong with the way some people overreact. Not really just being emotional though, just the way those emotions are channeled. I’ve seen some hate directed towards this movie on youtube that is quite unhealthy.