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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER discussion


Episode VIII finally comes out this week, and the initial reactions and reviews are already starting to leak out.

So I thought it might be a good idea to have a dedicated thread set up to house it all as the movie is rolled out.

Official release dates worldwide start from Wednesday 13 December, so not long to go now!

Star Wars Movie Thread

Sounds like the premiere had some nice tributes to Carrie Fisher.


Well, parts of the Internet are currently blazing brighter than parts of Mustafar and Jedha (post-Death Star).

I’m not posting anything because:

  1. Haven’t found anything definite
  2. People like to make stuff up


Reviews are in:


A decent round-up of what the reviewers are saying (both good and bad) here:

I’ve only skimmed it though so as to avoid spoilers.

I’ll come back to this thread once I’ve seen it. :slight_smile:


Not too long to go now!


Just as Vincent Hanna both admires Neil McCaley’s meticulous approach to crime while being as dedicated to bringing him down, so is this film likely to see people holding dual views, with each in opposition to the other.

“It was so artistically done” might be an apt and very fitting description.


@BenObiwomble Are you still “super-tradewaiting” these movies?


Without saying anything even though this is a dedicated thread for it - yes, I have gone Full Spoiler - it’s blown a rather large hole in that plan.

It may be, if the lot turn up on Netflix or Amazon Prime, I’ll take a look out of morbid curiosity but that might be it.

I think, for me, Rogue One remains the high point of the new material.


Me and Poe, GOOD TO GO!


Hmmmm. Ever watch a Star Wars film and aren’t quite sure what the point of it was? I have.


Yeah. I’m going to sleep on it, but I found that very uneven. Some gorgeous cinematography, some genuine surprises… but a plot that I think won’t bear much scrutiny.


I think as well Rhiann Johnson had too much input. He can’t seem to tell strong stories with a beginning middle and end. That works in the like of Brick or Looper, but you shouldn’t really leave the cinema after a Star Wars film thinking “What was the point of that?”

It was like he took a look at all the set ups from the first film and just simply ignored them.

Luke throwing the lightsabre behind him was basically a metaphor for the whole film :joy:

There’s a lot to like, but it was gag heavy as opposed to the usual Star Wars quips and I’m left feeling very unfulfilled by the way in which the story unfolded.

Mark Hamill was exceptional, but the story around Luke kind of lets the character down in the end. Abrams has a lot to do in the next instalment, I feel.


Jeeesus he’s the Looper guy???

oh you poor SW fans :smile:

Well, at least it should look pretty and have great action scenes… but if Looper’s an indication… the plot might be shit =P


I can inform you that said indication is correctamundo. The plot is shit. There’s still a lot to like elsewhere, mind you.


I really liked that. The more conservative elements of the fanbase will hate it.


The bits where it was least conservative were what I liked most about it.

I definitely didn’t hate it, but I was more disappointed than I was hoping to be.

Some specific points that kept bringing me out of the story:

  • when characters point out things like “it’s ridiculous we’ve got all these resources and we can’t catch up and destroy three ships”, then there’s a problem. Why didn’t the First Order just jump a ship in from hyperspace ahead of the rebel fleet?

The chase element desperately wanted to be Galactica’s “33” but instead felt more like two of those clockwork wind-up granny-with-zimmer-frames chasing each other at a snail’s pace.

  • what is the logic in Laura Dern’s character (who I generally really liked) NOT telling the pitiful remnants of the Rebellion what the bloody plan is? That makes no narrative sense, and is done purely to engineer a false internal conflict between her and Poe. Even if you accept she is petulantly freezing out Poe (the Resistance’s best pilot…), at the point she is staring down a mutiny, why she doesn’t just say “look - you’ve got it wrong - THIS is the plan!”, I have no idea. For a group who emphasise how much they are based on hope, to deny the Rebels any at that point makes no sense.

  • what is the timeframe of this film? How long does Rey spend on Luke’s island? How long is the Rebellion fleet under fire from Hux and co as they attempt to flee?

Lots of great stuff/moments, it frequently looked gorgeous. But …


Hey, not having seen the movie and all but…what if Laura Dern is Snoke?


Decidedly unlikely.


I agree with @Mike, the less conservative parts were pretty strong.

The issues were very much laid out above. It’s the weakness of story and plotting that downgrades the experiance. The time frames were especially annoying. How long were Luke and Rylo standing facing off?

It still manages to have a lot of awesomeness and I enjoyed much of it, but yeah, BSG already did that story about a hundred times better.