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Star Wars Speculation Thread (Spoilers)


The Academy is the Tattooine Police Academy. Luke wants to hang out with Mahoney, Hightower and the dude that makes funny noises with his mouth.


I didn’t know Boss Nass went to police academy too.


As far as deleted scenes (and novelizations) go, they don’t count for much. We also can’t really account for all the time between Luke and company’s escape from the Death Star and the big meeting concerning plans for its destruction. I mean, Lando just as randomly ends up a general in Return of the Jedi. I’m sure they would have verified Luke’s piloting skills, with or without Biggs’ endorsement. It’s not really necessary to explain either of those recruitment periods.

Either way, I can’t even remember why we’re discussing this, so I say let’s just forget it. I mean, that worked really for Uncle Owen, so…


I still hope that Rey doesn’t have any family connection at all to the Skywalkers, or anyone else. It’d be nice for her to just be a kid who turned out to have the Force, and who was trained by Luke because of that. Just show the Force is actually around, and not just in one elite family. Same for Snoke, really - be nice to have him not really connected to the other movies. It’s a big and old galaxy, after all.

But this is Star Wars, so presumably everyone is everyone else’s second cousin, aunt or grandson, and every robot that pops up has been built by one of the characters in their childhood, just because.


Now you’re just making stuff up to complain about. There’s nowhere in Star Wars that anything like this happens.


I hadn’t seen this until today:


I’d argue that what makes Star Wars relevant is the small story, about the Skywalkers and the people whose lives intersect with theirs, that happens against the big story, the backdrop of war and rebellion. If you drift too far away from that, in my opinion that’s just not Star Wars. It’s some other story that happens to have been placed in the Star Wars universe. I think Dark Horse particularly got that horribly wrong, so in that sense I’m very glad they no longer have the rights to the saga.

…That being said, I would probably shit kittens if Rey were Luke’s daughter. Though it’d be pretty funny to have a different connection, like maybe a remnant of the Organas, the family that originally adopted Leia, something like that. Just imagine…!


It’s way too obvious, I would be very sad if that’s the answer. I think it may be Obi Wan, he spoke to her in the dream thingy (with two actors in fact). Although it would mean he’d be shagging a bit late in the day so maybe his granddaughter.


I’m pretty sure Rey is meant to be younger than 30, and that’s how many years passed between RotJ and Force Awakens… so he would have to have fathered her as a ghost!

There were other voices in the ‘force flash’ too, Yoda was in there. If she starts turning green and talking funny in Episode VIII, the odds on that possibility are going to shorten. :slight_smile:


If you had sex with a ghost would you consider it cheating?


[quote=“YoungDuke, post:292, topic:4562, full:true”] Though it’d be pretty funny to have a different connection, like maybe a remnant of the Organas, the family that originally adopted Leia, something like that. Just imagine…!

One: there’d have to be a remnant of the Organas that wasn’t atomized. Two: that remnant would have to be Force-sensitive. I never quite got that kind of vibe from Bail Organa.


Looks around sheepishly…Sees if wife is in the room before answering that.


Only one way to find out! :ghost:


As Mary asked Joseph on Boxing Day.


It would have to be a pretty big assumption that all the Organas were still on Alderaan when it was obliterated. It’s not inconceivable that Leia became too busy with her further Rebellion duties to pay attention to family that ended up on a distant planet like Jakku, which would actually be deliciously circular storytelling in ways other than Force Awakens already gave us.

We’ll see. Maybe she and Poe are related! Maybe she’s George Lucas’ ancestor! Maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays her father!


Yes – unless it was the ghost of my future husband. But then again the least he could do is go at the exact same time as me, so then we’d both be ghosts. :ghost::ghost:


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Well, we have a thumbs up for Rogue One from Chewie and pals…


I dunno, but Placebo were onto something here and willing to risk it. :slight_smile: One of the sexiest covers ever…great album, too.


Maybe it’s time to revive this?